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02/08/12 | 22:05PM
what people dont realize

I've been employed with vzw for several years...

I understand that the billing is confusing, and issues with devices are frustrating. But about 90% of what I've read here is flat out BS.

It is NOT our job to waive your overage because you didn't check your minutes or texts or data. It is NOT our job to allow you to upgrade three months into your contract because the $300 smartphone you just bought only gets 12 hours of battery. Use a little common sense.

Verizon customers take exactly zero resposibilty for anything. I'm not in support of any policy etc 100%, but don't call in and ask for a supervisor on every single interaction because the answer you get is no. There are some policies and limitations in what can be done. Flat out, we take ownership of our mistakes and only ask that if you're going to complain as a "responsible" consumer, at least BE a responsible consumer. I have my own services through my employer, I pay a ridiculous amount and yeah, I can get the same somewhere else. But I've never had a single customer service issue. Probably because I'm not calling in screaming from the start and I take responsibility for my own actions, if I go over, I pay the fees. If I miss my payment and get suspended, I pay the reconnect fees. If you called another company, ie your gas or electric company, would you act like you do when you call Verizon?? Scream and demand a supervisor because your electric bill is $400 and see what happens, nothing. Overall idk say that Verizon bends over backwards for their customers who expect that they be given cell service on a golden platter.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 644B68

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02/09/12 | 19:03PM
This is still Verizon's fault because they fail to honestly explain many of these points in detail at the time of sale and contract signing. The Verizon Wireless stores in particular avoid talking in detail so they can get a sale. Yes alot of the conditions are spelled out in the contract but if they aren't the customer has every right to ask for changes to their account.

If changes are a hassle for the Verizon employee then it is up to the employee to make it clear to management that the customer are abusing their rights and not fulfilling their obligations. Tell the customer straight up point blank NO CHANGES to your contract without a fee AND poinnt out to the customer in what part of the contract it states this. Lay it out for the customer.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 52B49C

03/06/12 | 0:04AM
your an idiot

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6A83DD

03/06/12 | 0:06AM
Enjoy working for a company that is crap is a HUGE problem

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6A83DD

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