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02/12/12 | 22:20PM
Horribly stupid customer service

I have had Verizon for over 10 years now and it seems that over the last seven months their customer service has gone completely to shit. About two months ago my wife was receiving phone calls from someone elses phone entirely. Any time you tried to call her number, it went to this other person, and if someone tried to call this other person, the calls came to my wifes phone. We spent the better part of three hours on the phone with them and the only response we got was "I don't know how this could happen." (Which he eloquently repeated about every 10 fucking seconds.) Not only was this issue not resolved by the customer support (it fixed itself after a few days) they also refused to reverse the charges that were incurred on my wifes phone due to the other person making international calls.

Fast forward to today. I have been getting text messages on my phone for the better part of a week that originate from different, random @yahoo email addresses. I called customer support to try and either block receiving text messages that originate from emails, or just block yahoo all together (google ftw anyway right?). I spend 45 min on the phone with this lady who I don't think was listening to a single word I said and her answer at the end of the call was "Well there's nothing we can do, we can't block texts from emails and we also can't block an entire web site." At one point she actually asked me if it may have been my own yahoo email texting me, and even after telling her that I haven't had a yahoo email address in over SIXTEEN YEARS, she insisted that this was the issue.

Verizon Customer service, you get a gold star....

....in fucking useless.

(P.S) 10 minutes on google informed me that blocking texts from email addresses AND blocking entire domain names (e.g. @yahoo) is a setting under their "spam control" on their web site.

Pissed off Customer - Verizon H8er ID: A91DD1

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