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03/01/07 | 17:04PM
Failed Yellow Pages/collections

I (stupidly)entered into a 2nd year of a YP advertising agreement. The 1st year was $232/mo and the new, "upgraded" ad was $475/mo. Ironically, the 2nd year failed miserably even though it was a bigger ad in one of "their books."
The other ad in another book didn't change.
The sales rep (who I'm convinced won a trip over this), explicitly told me going in,that "based on their (Verizon I presume) research for my type of industry( ie funeral homes/crematories), I would see demonstrable & remarkable improvement in my sales and phone traffic. I should've run and hid! It was a very expensive and contractual failure.
Now, the pricks will NOT even concede $1 or compromise. They want all or nothing. They hide on line 47 of page 3 of their contract that they "are not responsible for any YP advertising failures." How convenient!
They place it, they draft the ads they think will work (you have to sign them off though) and more importantly, they place the ads in the book (placement). You sign them off but I hear they still screw them up...phone numbers, addresses, prices etc.
Now,they have turned this account of mine (and theirs)over to "collections" of which now is on the 4th agency. If one doesn't collect, it seems to turn over to another after 30 or 60 days.
At this point, were talking $4500. I offered a settlement of $2100. $400 has already been paid to other agencies in the interum. They are now wreaking havoc on my 30 plus years of good (760+) plus beacon/fico scores over me trying to be their customer. What a concept!
Has anyone out there had a situation like this with YP and more importantly, tried to offer a reduced settlement only to find more problems ensued? Did you succeed or fail and have to pay up in full?
What's with this company anyway? Besides arrogance, most companies would probably be happy to make a settlement to clear it off their books. Besides my company is on the brink of corporate bankruptcy. It has little or no assets.
Even the IRS will make offers in compromise. This sorry ass company won't!
I need some feedback with anyone who's had the same problem and if it or how got resolved, if it did.
My best advice to anyone out there is to avoid V-zon, any and all of it, like the bird flu! Your life will be miserable and in my case, life altering due to the negative credit reporting by them.
email me at free4allaxiom@yahoo

- Verizon H8er ID: D89C83

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