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09/13/06 | 14:31PM
Typical Verizon Employee

These are Actual quotes from some Verizon employee postings. These have not been altered in any way, all spelling errors and incredibly stupid comments are genuine. -

"I just read some posts about Verizon employees. lol I took this job to help people and i dont really need a job. my parents are pretty well set. but I find you must realize when u call a companie with a snotty attitude, trying to tell people how to do their jobs. and acting like u grew up in the bayou, you expect good service."

"ya really need to get a life u people make me sick. i spend half my day talking u dicks off the cliff and half fixing the issue forever or sending a tech. and get fuck all for it. grow learn how to talk to people and u might get what u will get what u need."

"I pray for consumer users that u dont get a rep from the philipines or where ever that strange accent i hear half the time is from. but it iac. "

"we can support anything microsft. accept email servers. and we dont support networking or again your shitty pcs. thats why u have a network tech. or the yellow pages. and if u cant afford that than come to terms with the fact that your business is a flop or get a friend or educate yourself."

"you all can suck the cack. Thank You "

So, if anyone reading or posting on this site has any questions about why his or her Verizon service and equipment SUCKS, just look at these Verizon employee comments, and the mystery is solved.
Although this guy thinks he has proved his point, he has only reinforced what has been said here all along. Verizon employees are assholes.
And apparently, some have rich parents and third grade educations.

- Verizon H8er ID: 4ACF1B

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05/16/08 | 1:03AM
I am a Verizon tech with 10 years service.I have seen the good and the bad.I'm a second generation Bell System employee.When i was hired, I thought this would be the best job I would ever have.I really excelled at my position.I loved my job.I took great pride in my work.I went the extra mile for my customers.This all changed when we became Verizon.Bell Atlantic bought a pathetic company called GTE.GTE management soon took over my great company.Now we are one of the worst telecommunication companys in the world.I held on to my good work practices for as long as anybody could.After years of beating into my head the policy of productivity is all that matters, I could not stand it anymore.I had to get out.I luckily transfered to the construction side of the business.Over here quality still takes a priority.Sadly, today I was forced to work trouble calls.The state of the outside plant is disgusting.I blame the company completely.They have broken their best employees.They have destroyed an entire generations hard work in a few years.If you can't get FIOS, good luck.All I can tell my customers is that I am sorry.I truly am.If I do get your trouble ticket, I will do my best to resolve it.Please remember I am only human.I can only fix one line at a time.I am not allowed to work overtime to fix your line tonight.My spirit is broken.


- Verizon H8er ID: 4F54EA

05/19/08 | 2:14AM
I feel your pain Collin. Im a Central office technician. I started in 88, and helped build this digital network from the ground up. We were the first technicians to install t1' at customer prems. We did all this with zeal and excitement. Verizon is now done with us, and is putting extreme pressure to eliminate the union labor. As it stands now, equipment can be on fire, and I will ignore it until I get a ticket. This southeern run company has ruined the moral and work ethic of their employees. I have a masters degree, and see no opportunity for me in this company, unless I want to forfeit my pension, take management, and lose my job security. F U Verizon.

- Verizon H8er ID: E8DEC5

05/14/09 | 15:56PM
u ppl are hate monger iv worked at all four major phone companies they all have the same problems and for u gate keepers keepin me from doin my job bring it i wont go away until my job is done want to make it easy let me do my job it will make the calls stop lol but u under payed gksjust need to know i dont talk to ur boss im gona keep comin

- Verizon H8er ID: 5F7488

05/14/09 | 16:24PM
i am an ass hole that why i telemarket i cant piss 500 ppl of in a day on my coach not with my spellin so i choose i job icould get mass impact on

- Verizon H8er ID: 5F7488

06/11/09 | 1:46AM
I work for a call center that handles business DSL tech support. And I'm sorry..I know the training for over the phone support sucks. Some people pick it up fast and others don't. It's practically like everything else, some people are good at it and enjoy their jobs...and some people have the IQ of a rock, but they fill a chair and can form simple sentences(barely). It's not the best job ever and I intend to leave as soon as I graduate college, but until then, it pays the bills..for that I'm thankful.

- Verizon H8er ID: 91F0B1

07/08/09 | 16:15PM
verizon is sinking fast...jump ship......and yes most of the employees are monkeys who would be flippin burgers or waiting tables at tgifridays. lol bunch of losers

- Verizon H8er ID: 1490D3

07/29/09 | 22:07PM
management only cares about bonuses so the employees do as little as possible because they are treated like scum. verizon is goin down fast

- Verizon H8er ID: 1490D3

10/29/10 | 4:56AM
Treat us like we work at Mcdonald's, and we treat you the same. I'm sorry I double your annual salary without the need of a degree. I'm not asking if you want fries with that, I didn't go over your minutes. But you went over mine, by arguing with me for 20 minutes asking the same question 30 ways "how did my phone get wet?!" my response: "I don't kow how it got wet, I don't follow it around 24/7. How aboutcha don't be a flaming idiot and treat us with respect. You, in turn, will receive it back. I promise. :)"

pplrstupid - Verizon H8er ID: 4478EE

12/30/10 | 2:58AM
I RECORD all conversations with verzion AND follow up EVERY conversation with a paper letter summarizing promised actions.

I like to give notice that I too am recording the call during their announcement of call recording.

With a follow up letter for every converstation and a recording of every conversation I have it locked down tight. Now I even record conversations with field managers or agents without their consent to cover all my bases.

With ViaTalk prefixing the verizon contact number with *99 automatically records the call

so for fios "service"

*99 1888 553 1555

If you don't subscribve to viatalk, a voip (internet phone) service, you can record calls free with a headset, a SIP client (software) capable of recording, and place your call through a free toll free SIP gateway

Small claims court grants some leeway with recorded conversations and does not look kindly on liars.


Verizon fios over moca RAPES SIP and RTP - Verizon H8er ID: 8AFC18

12/30/10 | 2:58AM
see 3nd and 3rd reply in

make installation CONTINGENT on


yes, the guide will work
yes, the internets will work

and thank God, you will be able to replace their shitty GAYtway with a mature ethernet device. Connect their CPE moca bridge inside your LAN and everything will wokr peachy fine

(works for me this way)

Showed the installer all the items he claimed would not work... in their working state

field tech training is mostly lies.

Verizon fios over moca RAPES SIP and RTP - Verizon H8er ID: 8AFC18

12/30/10 | 2:59AM
^ 3rd and 3rd == 2nd and 3rd

Verizon fios over moca RAPES SIP and RTP - Verizon H8er ID: 8AFC18

03/27/11 | 15:52PM
The 'phone company' was never the same after the break-up in 1984. No one had/has any business selling the job as a career position. The old time management and employees/techs failed to realize the legitimate competition out there. Yes there are other NON Verizon & NON old Ma Bell people that can do the job and train people to do the job.

The union is about nothing but job security in the meantime you have electricians, computer and CATV techs & companies getting more training,certifications and licenses and doing more high tech work than most of the very well paid and under trained Verizon techs.

You have/had the politics of personal agendas of career & job security with management & the union. This wastes time on the actual business of communications & technology. Verizon is not about professionalism. The public is not getting the best service & techs possible because the company has been wasting time on internal politics rather than technology and training.

It's getting pretty bad when you see the CATV techs doing safer job set ups than the Verizon techs who have access to more safety training than most. If a Verizon tech is blowing off personal & public safety what other procedures are they blowing off. This one reason why you have repeat troubles and a poor quality copper landline(or what's left).

Professionalism at Verizon?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: BB9B42

07/10/11 | 4:14AM
Funny Collin,

When GTE was bought and merged with Bell it was GTE management that was let go.

I am 3rd generation fGTE and I came into Verizon knowing the good days were gone. My dad talks about the years when it was about doing the right thing. Not about metrics and making more money.

I would not get it pass verizon now if they took all the GTE management to BA and took BA management to GTE and made it seem management change so their for the line business had to change.

It really sucks becuase the company is succeefull now with incompetent management and union employees. Now I fully understand know why Verizon Wireless as a division hates VErizon Telecom.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5B2B6D

07/18/14 | 23:18PM
The last response was too true. Wasn't GTE that caused this. Was fBA that caused it. Seidenberg and McAdams are from fBA and wireless and it gets worse with everyone of these assholes in management takes over. I do apologize to most customers but at the same time, you are wasting your time complaining about hold times. We fucking know you had to hold. You are wasting more of your time telling us this for 10 minutes. We could have been done by the time you quit bitching. Also, sales incentives are shit. Only a handful of "chosen ones" are put in special gates getting nothing but install or move orders which bring these incentives. The rest of us have our hands tied, systems that don't work, and management that could not care less about the customer. Only if there is a sale involved so it pads their paycheck. Verizon management sucks balls and if you are a customer... file your complaint with the corporate office. You can find their address on the website or by demanding it from the rep. Reps are told not to provide it unless the customer pushes but you can get it. Most reps, contrary to belief, want to help but management makes it IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5A3D2F

10/06/14 | 19:01PM
verizon sucks with out sucking dick maybe if verizon started sucking dick it would be able to give their customers service that the customer is paying for. the technicians should also start sucking dick because they do not know their job at least when a customer calls they can tell them that the one thing that they do good is suck dick sorry that they can not help you with the service provides you but they know how to suck dick i suppose that is better then nothing.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3B86D3

09/04/16 | 17:50PM
You broke fucks constany complaining about having to pay for shit. "I'm here for my free upgrade."
"Take your monkey ads somewhere else then because it isn't here."

You whiney ballsuckers can go snag some food stamps and an obamaphone and stop wasting my fucking yime

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C51825

03/02/19 | 17:12PM


ProtasiyFoogy - Verizon H8er ID: 236A10

04/04/19 | 7:30AM

nuRnsick - Verizon H8er ID: ABAFCB

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