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09/13/06 | 23:17PM
Nice copy of my post, very original. Originality shows intelligence.

I notice how u missed all the positive things I had mentioned. Spend your time pointing out negativity like a 16 year old child. I spend a lot of time helping people and cleaning up all the garbage that others leave around. So I told u what I think of the ignorant, stuck up, egotistical Verizon customers like your self. My education is probably higher than your's (my parents had the money). The funny part is I do my best to help people out all day and fix there issues or send them to someone who can. The response is much like yours. No matter what u give, some customers will never be happy. Some customers expect everything for nothing. And probably at least %50 of business owners are extremely cheap. You would only be so lucky to receive the customer service that I give to people. But of course I work for Verizon so I guess I'm not entitled to my rights. Such as the right to defend my self against closed minded crybabies. I love my job and probably around %70 percent of the people I talk to but of course there are people like u all over the world. If anyone needs help with there verizon biz DSL. Maybe u think that the reps that helped you might have missed something. Write a post about it. I'll help u out. And for all the cry babies out there, the Consumer world is buyer beware. Grab a tissue go cry for awhile, I think u need it.

- Verizon H8er ID: 590C27

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