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09/14/06 | 0:34AM
Interesting Attitude

A Verizon employee states -- "Write a post about it. I'll help u out. And for all the cry babies out there, the Consumer world is buyer beware. Grab a tissue go cry for awhile, I think u need it." My, how childish. And, interesting. So the advice from Verizon to all the customers who have been screwed by Verizon is "buyer beware". The advice from Verizon is to be careful about who you do business with, or you can get screwed. Well thank you, that is EXACTLY the point of this website. By the way, I dont call people complaing about getting screwed by a huge company "crying". But apparently, Verizon does. Which is reflected in their poor customer service record, and the millions of complaints from Verizon customers.

- Verizon H8er ID: 262AEC

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