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02/23/12 | 4:53AM
Verizon Raped My Family - U.S. Justice Department

August 22, 2011

U.S. Department of Justice U.S. Attorney General’s Office
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Attn: U.S. Attorney General Erik H. Holder Jr.
Washington, DC 20530-0001 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Massachusetts State House Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office
Office of the Governor Attn: Attorney General Martha Coakley
Attn: Governor Deval Patrick One Ashburton Place
Room 280 Boston, MA. 02108
Boston, MA. 02133

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Washington Office
Attn: Attorney Mindy Weinstein, Acting
131 M Street, NE
Forth Floor, Suit 4NW02F
Washington, DC. 20507-0100

Re: Verizon Communication’s Illegal, Unethical EEO Investigations and Corporate Security Investigative Practices.

Dear: U.S. Justice Department, U.S. Attorney General Erik H. Holder Jr., Atty. General Martha Coakley, Governor Deval Patrick and U.S. EEOC Atty. Mindy Weinstein,

My name is Neal W. Dias from Swansea Massachusetts. I am a former U.S. Marine, honorably discharged, and I have been through hell over the last seven and half years fighting for my rights and justice. I was a Verizon employee in both union and management from May 1997 – November 2008. My last four years of employment with Verizon was as a manager. I am writing you specifically because I was not being heard or receiving equal justice because of my race and color while working for Verizon in Massachusetts. At one point I had no choice but to reach out to external State and Federal Agencies looking for help and guidance.
When I was terminated in November of 2008 for filing complaints against some very powerful and connected Verizon managers, and after years of using my proper chain of command with patience and hope, I reached out to the Verizon CEO – Ivan Seidenberg as a last resort and was also ignored as well. I currently have a case in Federal Court in Boston Massachusetts (file number 10-CV-10496-NG), because of what I know was a wrongful termination for filing these complaints as a form of retaliation.
I am not writing you today in reference to my civil suit for wrongful termination, racism, discrimination and harassment. I am writing you today for what I believe were unethical and illegal investigation practices that were conducted by Verizon’s Equal Employment Opportunity Investigator and Corporate Security Department during my tenure. I believe that Verizon tampered with evidence. There was obstruction of justice and conspiracy to terminate me as my proof will show. Verizon’s main EEO Investigator is an attorney as well as EEO Department Head in Boston Massachusetts for Verizon New England. His name is Mr. Paul McGovern, and he acknowledged under oath in a deposition recently that he has full knowledge of Verizon’s EEO and Code of Conduct Policies, state laws and federal laws pertaining to racism, discrimination and harassment. I suspect his full knowledge and obligation was hampered by his connection with Verizon, to do the right thing. He had a legal obligation to investigate EEO complaints without prejudice, and I believed he failed to do so.
It wasn’t until Mr. Paul McGovern’s deposition on March 30, 2011, that I found out about the lies and cover-ups that had taken place and found his statement and actions inexcusable, unethical and possibly illegal.
As I had learned that day in the depositions, Verizon was stringing me along for two years, and never fulfilling their obligation to a proper unbiased EEO investigation into my claims of racism, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. The investigation was intentionally prolonged and I was then forced to proceed outside of Verizon by trying to seek justice and answers with the Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination (MCAD). Verizon failed to protect me, my rights, and in the end, I was blackballed and retaliated against for standing up for myself.
During my employment as a manager, I was forced to sit in assigned seating in the back of the room full of Caucasian managers (as punishment) for making complaints. I was advised that blacks were of less quality and deserving of certain positions. I was advised that blacks were stupid. I listened to Caucasian managers tell black jokes. I was advised that blacks only received their positions because of Affirmative Action. I was advised that hiring stupid blacks did nothing for diversity in Verizon and was advised how blacks eat certain foods. The racial comments were many inexcusable, and that’s just the beginning.
Verizon had full knowledge of these racial complaints as they were reported to EEO, and to just who exactly was making these comments to me, but they failed to question them.
At another time I was told to my face by a Verizon employee that he hated f*****g black people. He also advised me that he hated working for f*****g minorities.
The fact that these Verizon employees still work at Verizon is proof of the acceptable racial norm that exist.
Verizon also stated in a response letter to MCAD, that a minority manager was not deserving of his position. It stated; “Numerous managers, including the promoted African American manager himself, questioned whether the promotion was warranted give the lack of technical knowledge.” I decided to track this retired African American manager down in North Carolina. Read the statement that Verizon stated about him what Verizon has stated in the response letter to MCAD. He was appalled as the statement from Verizon and advised me that his promotion was warranted. The manager felt that he was highly qualified for the position and had more than enough experience. Verizon lied about the claim that this African American manager stated about himself.
Over the course of my last fours years as a manger, I was harassed in many ways. I was threatened and bullied while other managers and employees were present and nothing was done about it. I was intentionally given low ratings in performance reviews to set me up to be terminated in the future. I was asked to do the work of another Caucasian manager and I received less pay as to raises and bonuses. I was stripped of benefits (as to duty status), pay and overtime as a form of control and punishment. I was forced to do additional paperwork compared to my Caucasian co-workers. I was ridiculed, belittled, sworn at and yelled at in front of my subordinates and peers because I refused to lie down and be treated badly.
I write you today to request a look into my case specifically on a Local level and extend your investigation nationally if need be to look into Verizon’s unethical and illegal procedures when investigating EEO Violations and Violations to the Verizon Business Code of Conduct by their Corporate Security Department. As Verizon has stated, they receive thousands of EEO complaints a year. Verizon has proven to me that they have obstructed justice, protecting perpetrators, tampered with evidence and violated my human rights to equal and proper investigations into EEO and Verizon Code of Conduct Practices.
I am particularly requesting an investigation into just how my complaint to Verizon’s EEO Department was handled by Verizon and EEO Head Compliance Officer and Attorney Mr. Paul McGovern in February of 2005. I opened an internal Investigation into the violations against my human rights by Verizon management with their EEO Compliance Department.
During that time, Mr. McGovern requested supplementary data to support my claims besides the numerous notes I had already provided him in the initial complaint. As time went on, I would ask Mr. McGovern through telephone calls and emails on the progress or conclusion of my case. Mr. McGovern would often tell me that he was still working on my case, as this went on for years.
It was not until Mr. McGovern’s depositions that I had found out the truth. After seven months of my EEO complaint being opened with Verizon in February of 2005, he closed it out in October of 2005. Mr. Paul McGovern during depositions admitted that he had closed out my EEO complaint and stated there were no findings to support my claim of any EEO violations or of any Verizon Business Code of Conduct violations.
Six years later, in March of 2011, the truth was uncovered about the investigation and exposed the cover-ups. It was in the depositions that I found out Mr. Paul McGovern closed out my case long before he had ever stated that he did. Mr. McGovern through telephone conversation and emails would advise me that he was still working on the case and at one point around August of 2006 stated that he was waiting for his boss to talk with him about it. He stated this, when in fact it was already closed out almost one year previously.
About August of 2006, I wrote Mr. McGovern (a year and a half into my so-called complaint being investigated) requesting information of the results and was advised to keep my ears to the ground to find out the conclusion. I then patiently waited six more months (with my ears to the ground awaiting results) for a total of two years and wrote Mr. Paul McGovern a letter. In February 2007, I wrote Mr. McGovern a letter stating that I had waited two years for the completion of my EEO complaints and still no response from him. I also requested certain outcomes of my case and never received any confirmation of any sort. Once again, Mr. McGovern never responded to me and I was forced to file externally with the Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination in February of 2007 (which I believe is an umbrella under EEOC in Boston Massachusetts).
Mr. McGovern during the depositions admitted that he never investigated the two Verizon management employees in Brockton Massachusetts (Mr. Malcome Benvie and Ms. Anne Best). Mr. Malcome Benvie and Ms. Anne Best are the Verizon managers that I complained about causing havoc in the workplace and directly towards me. The complaints were in reference to harassment, sabotaging of my work, retaliation, discrimination, threats to do bodily harm, creation of a hostile work environment, bullying, racial comments, racial jokes and racial comparisons. These were direct violations of the Verizon Business Code of Conduct, federal and state laws, which I believed protection my human rights. Mr. McGovern stated that he closed out my case in seven months and never spoke to either Mr. Malcome Benvie or Ms. Anne Best about my complaints. I was left to fend for myself in an environment full of retaliation and hostility.
Mr. McGovern did state that he spoke to Mr. Malcome Benvie and Ms. Ann Best about my complaint after it was closed out, “during another investigation” and complaint against them, while they were working at a Verizon garage in Plymouth Massachusetts. Mr. McGovern stated that was the first time that he had spoken to both of them about my complaint, as this was also was in his company notes.
Verizon admits several times during the response letters to MCAD and through EEO and Verizon Corporate Security notes that, Mr. Benvie and Ms. Anne Best were not the most ethical employees and have been part of a long history of several ethics complaints against them. They were known to use profanity often and had been warned to stop. They made threats to other Verizon employees, falsified records, and the list goes on with violations. Yet, Mr. Paul McGovern and Verizon never spoke to them about my complaint of harassment, sabotaging of my work, retaliation, discrimination, threats to do bodily harm, creation of a hostile work environment, bullying, racial comments, racial jokes and racial comparisons and closed it out.
These violations began in 2004 and are still in existence because Verizon continues to protect and allow Mr. Malcome Benvie and Ms. Anne Best to treat Verizon employees poorly and blacks even worse. It is still in existence because it continues to allow a Mr. Paul McCarthy to discriminated, retaliate and harass me as well.
In 1997 I was hired as a lineman. After receiving my first of two degrees in Electrical Technology, and working on my second degree in Business Management-Human Resources, I decided to apply for the position in management in 2004. I was hired, and started in the Brockton Massachusetts garage at 1690 Main Street. Within a short period of time, my natural leadership was noticed and I advanced very rapidly and was now on the fast track within Verizon. I became the number one operations manager in that garage as to leadership, productivity, and reliability. I was respectful, courteous, outgoing and on target to move forward.
I was soon appointed as one of the top members on the Verizon New England Diversity Committee. After successful achievements, I had received top honors in New York by one of the Presidents in Verizon in front of hundreds of higher executives and managers as well. I was the leader in helping to ensure that Verizon’s first-ever “Verizon Diversity Week” went according to plan. I was the guest speaker that week in garages throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and in Rhode Island. I was also responsible to ensure the scheduling of all speakers throughout Verizon New England. The lectures that took place from New York to New England during the Verizon Diversity week was focused on the importance of inclusion, diversity, respect and teamwork in the workplace, as it was seriously lacking at that time. It was for all the employees in Verizon New York – New England, not just for certain groups of employees within the company. It was a success and this was the reason for my award in New York.
I was the only Verizon employee in New England to be nominated to attend a top minority mentoring and leadership course in Boston, Massachusetts called the “Partnership Inc” in 2005. At the graduation commencement, I was nominated (by my peers) as the top male graduate giving the commencement speech. This took place in front of the class and alumni from many fortune 500 companies, Harvard Professors, CEO’s and other top minority professionals.
I was recognized and nominated for many top honors within and outside of Verizon and was on other leadership boards as well. I received numerous awards and recognition letters for outstanding customer service and helped to improve other manager’s productivity in the district. I did things that benefited Verizon and was applauded for it. I was also asked to volunteer my service representing Verizon in Boston and New Bedford, Massachusetts, to partake in functions for the less fortunate as well as being a part of Junior Achievement representing Verizon, at the local school during class time.
Outside of Verizon I was the lead organizer for the rebuilding of a sports complex for the Swansea/Warren Rhode Island Pop Warner Football and Cheerleading league. I was awarded for (volunteer of the year) for my contribution. What made even more special was that my children were not active in the league. I did this just to help when I was called upon to do so. I would always come and help anyone in my community when called upon with no intensions or expectations in return. It’s in my soul to help. That’s just me.
I was and still am second in command on a fundraising committee to raise money for children in a local High School and College in Fall River. I am heavily involved in my community and enjoy helping others.
Within Verizon, my success was real and I was doing very well until my morals got in the way. I was witness to things that were so appalling, I was stunned that it was an acceptable norm. The mistreatment to Verizon employees was baffling to me. When I brought this unethical treatment to my superiors, I became the target. I was advised by upper Verizon management that if I was going to make a stand to stop unethical and immoral behaviors, my career would be over. I was advised that I would indeed be blackballed. I was to turn the other cheek and continue to allow the unethical and immoral behaviors, abuse, hostile environment, abusive verbal and mental treatment and racism to happen within Verizon. I was also advised, “To take one for the team” and not report specific managers to Verizon’s EEO, like Mr. Malcome Benvie, Ms. Anne Best, AOM –Jim Fennell and Director Robert Glynn for ignoring my request for help prior to going to Verizon’s EEO.
I was not the type of person that could turn the other cheek and stand there watching Verizon employees be set up and mistreated in the abusive manner that they were, in fact, being treated. I could not do this and feel good about my success and my life, as it is not how I teach my children. I was not brought up that way, nor do I raise my children in that manner. I will never succeed on the blood of another man, nor will I ever allow anyone to diminish me as a person or race.
My life has purpose, it has value, and I am here only one time and I will never sell my soul for anyone.
There were two well educated female black managers during this time that were also advised that if they were to report any racial, discriminatory, or harassing complaints to the EEO, and or Verizon Corporate Security, in reference to Caucasian managers, that they would be blackballed. In fact, they were specifically advised that they both would be blackballed like Neal Dias if they chose to make any complaints. These two female managers had separate incidents, but yet were notified of my blackballing within Verizon, and it was used it was used as a threat to their careers as well. These abuse and bullying tactics Verizon inflicted upon the two minority women was simply a disgrace. They were trying as well to reach out for protection and for their equal rights and were violated in the process. This is wrong, and I believe that Verizon broke the law and should be held accountable.
While in director meetings in Providence, Rhode Island, I witnessed Verizon management give speeches about how they would try and build up cases against Verizon employees to discipline or terminate them. In a room full of managers of first, second and third level, “If you can’t find anything on them, just lie.” Instead of disagreement or disappointment, there was applause by the crowd. I sat there and watched as I saw them going after their own family… people who they worked with each day.
I watched Verizon management take safety tools off the trucks of the technicians and then go out to their job sites and discipline them for not having them. I was a witness to Verizon management call other Verizon employee’s inappropriate words like it was nothing and belittle them in front of other workers. I sat and watched male management lose control on female employees and the female employees would cry and not want to return to work and or be in his presence.
I remember a technician who was suspended for going to his home during his lunch break to give his child an insulin shot (as the child was dying), because the mother could no longer give the shots. The manager told him as she suspended him, “This is no hospice.”
In June of 2008, I was working for a new boss, Mr. Paul McCarthy, and the harassment never stopped as I was indeed blackballed and treated differently because of making EEO complaints. After filing complaints over the last year or so there was an incident that I felt I had no choice but

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5A5E91

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02/24/12 | 0:56AM
WOW........Is there a page 2?????

Former Vz manager - Verizon H8er ID: 29B271

02/27/12 | 4:03AM
Verizon is a very old boys club dating back before the break up of ma bell in 1984. Unless you were with the company before divestiture you were/are considered sub standard. The monopoly mindset of where else are you going to go or who else are you going to work for persists to this very day because the old ma bell employees including management contaminated new hires and promotees after divestiture in 1984.

Theoretically it should be a much open company since there is much more disclosure technically and financially as to what goes on but they can keep those closed door meetings a secret. Just like the old ma bell days just like their daddy or father inlaw did it.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 5B2FD6

03/07/12 | 20:53PM
i worked there also....was discriminated for havin a medical problem.....same story, they build up crap and lies and pin it on u. they definitely watched me more close than the butt kissers.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C420C8

03/08/12 | 18:13PM
id like to chAT with u...i too was blackballed.i was a union memeber

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C420C8

03/09/12 | 13:29PM
maybe seee if we can get a class action suit... i was fired for medical problems but they were settin me up for years. would love to hear what u heard in the managers meetings...if interested respond and we can chat...im in ri and worked in mass and ri for vz

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C420C8

04/02/12 | 19:05PM
Reading this, makes me ill, Neil that you had to endure all of this. I hope that you're able to find a resolution to all of this along the way that's satisfactory.

God bless you and thank you for your service!!

Jean Marie - Verizon H8er ID: 86F4A3

07/05/12 | 21:55PM
I was just terminated on July 2 after my retirement date of June 30 (via the IPP). I was never notified of my retirement not being accepted either. Funny since it was months after a "probable cause" finding came from MCAD in my favor for "not accommodating medical restrictions when countless other were", harrassment,discrimination and retaliatory action for filing an MCAD case. Now I'm fired for "job abandonment" because I failed to report to work on July 2 whgen my retirement date was June 30th - I can't even make this up folks.

JM - Verizon H8er ID: BCDEDB

01/26/13 | 0:16AM
You're experience at Verizon sounds so incredibly outrageous, it could never be true! Unless you work for this company........ I am a current employee at Verizon and I'm absolutely disgusted by what I see happening. Since Lowell McAdams took over as CEO the treatment of employees has gotten much worse! Case-building is the new norm and minor infractions that were historically handled with a simple verbal warning are now 30 days off with intent to dismiss! We joke, grievances are heard, moved to area level, and never heard of again! Managers are disciplined, I mean "transferred" so far from their homes because they haven't "suspended" enough employees! Director level managers can be heard on open conference calls threatening and verbally abusing local managers. It's absolute nonsense! Self- termination is also becoming quite popular. Work Centers are "shuttered" but you still have a job.....BUT it's 25 zip codes away! This is how they deal with seniority problems. Then, are you ready, reopen the work center a few weeks after "rights-of-return" expire! It's a shame! Most employees, vocational and management are solid employees and really would like to "CARE". Unfortunately, we are so overly micro-managed and berated, caring about your fellow workers and upholding Verizon's "stated" code of ethics will only SHORTEN your Verizon career! Good luck! I will be praying for you and your family and those at Verizon who CAN change these disgusting practices.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: C56C94

09/24/14 | 15:27PM
The root cause of all your frustrations are in you truly being gay but not man enough to accept it.. signed:(one of the above mentioned)

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 056625

03/26/19 | 4:35AM
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JakfinaHes - Verizon H8er ID: 959F4B

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SamuelInfop - Verizon H8er ID: 716EA6

05/08/19 | 4:24AM
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