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02/28/12 | 0:44AM
Verizon - Dishonesty in Advertising Offers

For those of you reading my earlier post - I have cleaned up the typos on this one since I also sent it to the FCC.

Here you go.

I have been on Verizon.com and on their toll free number trying to renew my service. First, the sneak in a line maintenance fee. The chat person states that I have to call the business office to remove it after I have added it. I call the business office and they say that they cannot help me that I have to go through the chat for instructions. Then Ms. Shores says that she confirmed that I would need to go back to the chat to figure this out because they do not see the same information as online, but wait, she has an offer - a discount. It was not a discount that she was offering so I told her thank you but I would go back to the on line option since the new chat person I had connected with while I was on hold knew how I could remove that maintenance charge. So, I went with the following option that was advertised to me at the Verizon Upgrade and Renewal Center page on my account. Here is the advertised deal: 89.99 for the 1st month, $79.99 for months 2-21 and 99.99 for months 21-24 with the total amount for two years being = $1989.76. So, I select this plan and am now able to remove the maintenance charge, I get to the part where I am almost ready to complete the transaction when a screen comes up giving the following charges summary: $89.99 for first month, $89,99 for months 2-21 and $109.99 for months 21-24 = $2,239.76. The difference between what Verizon advertises and what they are going to charge me when I check out is $250.00. Now this may not be a large amount of money, but it is deceitful and dishonest. In fact, in hindsight, the latter offer is what Ms. Shores was offering me, and no wonder she could not/would not offer me what I was initially viewing on line, because it does not exist as an option. This is sleazy at best and corrupt in the least. I have screen shots and will be contacting consumer protection sources, but in the meantime want to get this out to as many people as I can. Had I not been so vigilant in my review, not only would I have missed that maintenance charge that it took me over an hour to resolve, but I would not have noticed in a five pitch font the change in the monthly dollar amounts.

Hedy - Verizon H8er ID: 486E57

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03/05/12 | 14:39PM

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 309E10

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leous69 - Verizon H8er ID: 4B1FA7

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