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03/13/12 | 1:49AM

I recently signed up for Verizon internet service after learning that Cox doesn't serve my address. I tried to sign up for a $24.99/month plan online which would include a $20 activation fee. They would send me a router/modem in the mail for free. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do that because they needed to verify my identity and apparently my social security number wasn't enough to do that. I was told in order to verify my identity I would have to fax a copy of a notarized pay stub and identification. I went to a notary and they said they can't just notarize documents, there has to be a signed form involved. So, I called Verizon back and they said if I couldn't do that, then I could go to a specific type of Verizon store and they could verify my identity there and give me my router and take care of everything. So, I took time off work, drove forty minutes to the nearest Verizon store that can handle this sort of thing, had my identity verified and was signing up for service. Then, I find out the $24.99/month deal isn't available in stores, I have to pay $29.99/month. I ask if now that my identity is verified, can I go back to signing up online? He says sure, but I might have to verify my identity again! So, I say "Whatever, sign me up. I would just like to be done with this now." But, that is not all. On top of five dollars extra per month, I am going to have to pay $34.99 to pick up in store what they were going to mail to me for free!!!! That is almost $100 more over a year and after I had to drive forty minutes both ways to do all this bull!!! Well, I leave the store angry, but with a service date on which my internet should be working. I try to call and complain right then and get reduced to the $24.99 rate, but their automated system is too frustrating to even deal with at the moment. A few days later, I have Verizon calling and leaving automated messages asking me to verify my identity. I call and apparently the original online order was left open and a new order was placed, so I have them close the first order and also take the opportunity to voice my complaints to a Verizon employee. They transfer me to someone and that person agrees to give me a five dollar per month credit for the next two years to take it down to the online rate (although not really since I still had to pay for the router and modem). Of course, on my service date the internet doesn't work, so I have to make an appointment to stay at home for someone to come by. This person comes by and actually gets it working. Yay! About a month later, I get an email about my first bill. The email says I am enrolled in Auto Payment and the bill will be charged to my credit card on 3/16. I never signed up for Auto Payment. I sign onto my account, but their site isn't working, so I call. The woman tells me she cannot see anywhere that I am enrolled in Auto-Pay, it must have just been a glitch, I will get a bill in the mail. I don't really believe her, but decide I will call back about it later. So, today I login to my account and everything says DO NOT PAY, you will be charged automatically, yada yada. AND, my five dollars per month credit is not on there. I call back, the woman says no, you aren't enrolled in Auto-Pay and there is no five dollar credit. So I explain to her the five dollar credit and she says she puts it back on. I ask if I will receive my bill in the mail, she says yes. I wonder why I haven't gotten it yet and ask if they have the correct address. No, they have my service address, not my P.O. Box, so she changes that. I say I am still concerned that everything I see online says DO NOT PAY. She says she can transfer me to someone else. I ask this person. He apparently CAN see that I am enrolled in Auto-Pay. WHAT IS GOING ON AT VERIZON?!?!? You CANNOT trust what they tell you at all apparently. Do not listen to their "rest-assured". He takes me off of Auto-Pay (supposedly). I ask about the five dollar credit and he says he wouldn't be able to see that yet. Okay, I guess I have done all I can for the day, considering I am at work dealing with this all. Any bets on whether my card is charged on the 16th or I receive a $5 credit without having to call back three more times? URGH!!!!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D61EEB

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03/13/12 | 19:54PM
I'll bet you ANY AMOUNT you wish to bet that your nightmare is NOT over. I've fought with them for 8 months now and still haven't gotten anything resolved. Good Luck, you are going to need it.
Anyone else reading this? STAY AWAY FROM VERIZON IF AT ALL POSSIBLE ! ! !

GlenR - Verizon H8er ID: D4C62B

08/25/13 | 13:54PM
Mine is just beginning. But I'm way ahead of Verizon. I'm freezing all three credit reports. Then I'm calling the bank to block crecardsIt'hallways smart tocall the three credicompany's transunion, eqafax and expeirion to put a freez on the accounts and pt a

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: B428C6

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