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03/15/12 | 13:40PM
Mobile to Mobile?

Verizon has something called Free Mobile to Mobile. When I had to take 2-3 week trip to Mexico recently, I temporarily switched to a different plan. I made this switch AFTER calling Verizon 3 TIMES to discuss the best option for me. They explained the free mobile to mobile does not apply while you are in Mexico, and that's fine, but on each of those 3 calls I asked "So, I will have the same mobile to mobile like I have now when I am back in the US?" Each time they said "Yes, you will have the free mobile to mobile while in the US." I did not know they had different versions of free mobile to mobile and they did not explain that I would have a different mobile to mobile while on this plan. I found out when I returned and after a few days I got an alert that I was near my anytime minute limit. I went online to MyVerizon and tried to figure out what calls were using the anytime minutes. From my experience with mobile to mobile the only calls that use my anytime minutes should have been calls to land lines during peak time, but it didn't add up. The only calls that could be using minutes at that rate were to my family's MOBILE numbers which should not have been using anytime minutes. I called and it took them a while to figure it out. The usage totals on MyVerizon, and apparently what they have to look at too, do not come close to matching the call details. There is no way to look at call details and see which calls are included in the anytime minute usage total. They finally came to the conclusion like I did that it had to be those MOBILE numbers that I call a lot, my family. Ever since I started my plan with Verizon my mobile to mobile has been free to ANY mobile number. So why were those calls using anytime minutes? Well because they are not VERIZON mobile numbers, my family is on a different carrier which also has free mobile to mobile to ANY mobile number. Now they explain that VERIZON only has free mobile to mobile to ANY mobile number in select areas of the US, including the area I live in, BUT on the temporary plan I switched to it only allows free mobile to mobile calls to VERIZON mobile numbers. I asked WHY did they not explain that on the THREE calls I made to them before I switched plans. If they had simply told me about the difference I could have placed those numbers on my friends and family list. Their only response... "Do you want to increase the minutes on your plan now to avoid over the limit charges? You can get an extra 450 minutes for $20." I already knew about Verizon's reputation, that's why I made THREE calls to them to go over the temporary plan change BEFORE I did it. And STILL they got me! Most of the companies that brag about their customer service say they will help you get the best deal. Verizon is not one of those, they will mince words and basically lie through omission giving you the feeling they do it on purpose to trick you.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2B69ED

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03/16/12 | 4:00AM
This story makes me laugh. Do you have someone to wipe your ass and clean the drool off your shirt? Grow up.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 378BF5

04/03/12 | 2:09AM
Willing to bet the op did not go over all the details, like his family being with a different carrier, and why would he assume because their carrier defines free mobile to mobile a certain way that verizon would do the same?

The Other Side - Verizon H8er ID: 1C0959

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