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03/20/12 | 7:04AM
Screwed in-store, online, and on call...

Welp... I had to use Verizon since I moved to TN from UT and ATT service was not strong where I am as I am out of town a bit. It all started when I went into the Verizon store and told them I needed a droid razr and the most data they have to offer since I work from home and I planned on using it as my internet as well via hotspot ($30 extra...nice) I was told that the most data I can get on my phone was 10GB plan (12gb with the hotspot)... I needed more data... I should also mention that I work from home and do web work and really have no other internet options aside from satellite (no thanks Wild Blue you suck worse than Verizon!)

Now the in-store rep was nice enough to tell me that if i bought a $600 tablet that I could also get 10gb with that giving me a sweet 22gb total (for over $230.00 a month between the two) Now I needed the data so I shelled out the big bucks for the Razr and the XYBoard 10.1 only to find out that I could then change my data plan online for my phone to a 22gb option! Had I known this (its not offered online until you have an account) This would have enabled me to skip the tablet purchase of $600.00 and the locking into a 2year contract for the associated data package (cheapest is 2gb for $30)

I am pissed and will leave Verizon as soon as a better option appears and I will spread the word about this crap stain of a company for the rest of my days.

I have several other complaints but will save those for a seperate post here.

Josh - Verizon H8er ID: 45D50F

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