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03/23/12 | 16:12PM
If A-holes Could Fly, Vz Would be an Airport

Thanks all for shedding some much needed light on this nefarious company! I appreciate the time taken to warn others about what this company has been pulling on its customers.

I've been experiencing the same issue as others with my landline intermittently going out (sometimes it's been out completely for 5 days) & occasional static on the line for over 3 yrs now & of course, every time I call it in, a tech either never shows up or the problem has suddenly corrected itself. I know our line is ancient & desperately needs to be replaced so why don't they do it already & stop playing games? I got my answer yesterday.

My landline was working fine when I noticed an error msg on my phone's screen saying, "Check tel line." Strange. I just made a call. Picked up the receiver & it was dead, save for a dull static. Tried to call the phone using my cell & it would ring but my landline wasn't transmitting it. Great. This crap happens every time we have a bad rain & none of the techs who have bothered to show up here for this issue seemed to know what was going on/why. Riiight. We haven't had any rain. It's been 70 degrees with sunny skies, so something was amiss. Had to contact Vz online & of course their line test came back negative. BS! Obviously not. Put a repair request in & yesterday morning we mysteriously had dial tone again. Imagine that. Later on that day, a Vz tech, unannounced, knocked on my door & this was our conversation: "We're having some problems with the copper lines. I could just switch you over to Fios if you want." I was beyond livid! So this has been it all along: they know there's a problem with my lines but don't feel like fixing it in the hopes they can strong arm me into switching over to their Fios debacle?!! How unethical! There were so many things I wanted to say to this guy but was too flabbergasted at his outright audacity to get into such with him right then & there. After coming here & reading the posts by Vz employees about the abuse & crappy treatment/pressure put on them by supervisors, I'm glad I refrained from giving the guy a piece of my mind since he might have been put up to it by his supe since he didn't try to argue the point with me. I said I was happy with what I had & he left. To say I was appalled doesn't even begin to express my sentiments. I was already aware of the unethical business malarky going on with this company thx to sites like this & others, as well as the almost daily complaints from friends, neighbors, co-workers who got suckered into Fios & now half the time can't even use their phone, computer, or TV thanks to the almost weekly, sometimes daily depending where one lives, service interruptions. What a crock! I've been a customer of their competition (OOL, iO) for over 30 yrs & as much as they suck in their own special way, I've never really had too many problems with them & when I did their customer service/techs have always been extremely courteous & helpful so I can't complain there & I appreciate that so they will continue to get my business. Now that I know what Vz is pulling on people like me who refuse to join their Fios cult, I'm looking into dropping them & switching over to OV for my home phone service. Yes, OV has its share of issues too, but it's still far better than Fios can ever be, especially when they treat their own employees like garbage. So sorry to hear that! My apologies to all of you who have to work there who aren't a-holes.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 97AEED

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03/24/12 | 11:17AM
The problem with the line sounds like a weak point somewhere in the copper wire or corrosion which causes the static and loss of dialtone at times when it rains. Of course when it's dry the line will work but may have light static.

Call in a repair order as static on the line and DEMAND the tech move your service to a spare (not in use) pair. That is it there IS a spair pair to move you to.

As a former Verizon tech and manager I can tell you straight up that static on the line is one of the most difficult troubles to work on.
It's like trying to find you car key in a corn field..................GOOD LUCK

Former Vz manager - Verizon H8er ID: B705F4

04/02/12 | 9:33AM
I would just like to add that verizon does not plan on dedicating resources to replacing whole chunks of copper lines. Why would they, copper is being phased out. You might think Fios is a "cult" but as someone that has to configure both phone alternatives FiOS is a breeze. Copper phone is a frankenstein that has slowly had more and more patched onto it over the last century. Fios phone is cleaner, easier to maintain, less susceptible to weather conditions, cheaper to replace, easier to configure, more customizable, not taxed as much, cheap as dirt when bundled with other Fios services, and most of all, simply switching to FiOS would get around all your copper line problems.

Really wondering why you wouldn't upgrade phone service when a tech recommends it as a solution to a reoccurring tech issue, and instead insist the big bad verizon company is trying to pull a fast one and "strong arm" you into better service.

Can't wait to see what happens when you get the letter that says verizon is no longer going to support copper lines and you will undergo a mandatory upgrade unless you choose to change service providers.

And why should they support copper lines? They have a brand new infrastructure that copper can never compete with, so why pour money into a dying technology?

To everyone reading this.....there are real issues with verizon, this is not a real issue, this is just someone that chooses to stick with a bad situation, when a easy solution has been presented, and rather then educate themselves on FiOS, and make an informed decision, they come here to read complaints against verizon and make an uninformed decision.

The Other Side - Verizon H8er ID: 32B864

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KRtogivy - Verizon H8er ID: CFC2EF

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