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03/23/12 | 17:12PM
PC Configuration Fee $54.99

I had Verizon come out to my house to move our router from our bedroom to another room. They charged us $79.99 for the FIOS Internet Dispatch Fee and $54.99 for PC Configuration for FIOS Internet Fee. Once I got the bill I called to have customer service remove the $54.99 fee as the technician never touched my computer. The woman was really nice and said that it was not a problem. I just called today and found out that the credit was denied by their Audit department as it was deemed a valid charge. When I asked what I can do now, I was told that the Audit department is offline and an internal department that cannot be contacted by customers. Of course I asked then to have someone from customer support to contact them and was told that once a credit is denied, there is no one that can overturn the denial. When I asked to speak with a manager I was told that they can schedule a call back as none were available. I went through that before and no one ever called me back. This company is horrible, they also charged me $4.99 for Pick Your Own Area Code, I have been paying for phone service since we got the account and the phone was never connected properly. When the technician was there he finally connected it and then they try to charge me for pick your own area code. They also tried to slip in $10.00 for some security plus thing for their internet service. What a scam this company is and a complete debacle to deal with.

Mike Cashman - Verizon H8er ID: B41EA0

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04/02/12 | 9:09AM
You appear to have a genuine issue. If you have multiple services with verizon then I suggest you call back and state the problems you have had, and tell the rep that unless you can get some sort of compensation you are going to look for another provider. Before doing so make sure you have no discount on your bill that says "valued customer". As long as you don't, and you have multiple services, there should be a discount that can be applied to your account as compensation.

As for the security backup bundle, that was likely on previous bills at zero cost, and your just now noticing it because it started getting charged to you.

General advice to everyone READ YOU BILLS. I have seen people with $200+ in items they did not even realize they were paying for.

The Other Side - Verizon H8er ID: 277CB9

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