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03/23/12 | 21:00PM
Verizon sends you is awfully designed hardware

First let me say this, I live in the middle of the boondocks; (that's southern for the "middle of nowhere"). My speed is supposed to rate 1.5-3 megabits/second. That's really slow, I know. But it WAS the fastest offered by any service until Shentel extended out here. And it gets worse. Yesterday while playing Team Fortress 2 my ping clocked over 450, which I didn't notice until I got KICKED OFF THE SERVER. The hardware Verizon sends you is awfully designed and it overheats 99% of the time. The ping over 450 is the last straw. Verizon: Goodbye. I refuse to overpay any longer for an ISP who doesn't have enough brains to manage their traffic correctly and there is an option for a little more money that is 5x faster.

BackwoodsGeek - Verizon H8er ID: 5E31E9

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03/29/12 | 1:48AM
Thanks for renaming my story, haha.
Situation has still not improved, I tested it the other day and I got 900 ping. My upload and download are good but the ping is awful. NEVER get this anyone! It may look fine and dandy on the outside, but underneath its a mess.

BackwoodsGeek - Verizon H8er ID: B652FB

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