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03/29/12 | 0:37AM
Double Play Promotion Scam

I got sent a letter from Verizon saying you could get Fios phone and internet for $59.99 per month. Called them up and the rep said she could only offer $79.99 over the phone. She said I had to sign up via the internet to get the better price. Well I went online and clicked on the $59.99 image. But the price that was actually offered was $74.99! What is this B.S.? Where is the $59.99 price? Don't offer the price if you want to charge more. What a waste of time.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 6D1C26

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03/29/12 | 19:13PM
Just wasted 2 hours with verizon online and live CS. End result, again verizon proves that they are the bottom of the chain when it comes to honesty and integrity. I was told by the customer service (thats a joke) that she had been on the phone with me too long. When pressured, she changed the quoted price twice. I had to use very simple yes or no answers to get to the bottom line price. First taxes were included in the quote then they were not when pressured. This has happened so many times over the years. Like their bill, it's hard to figure them out. Want to get your BP yup, call verizon. They wrote the book on poor CS agents. Trouble is, they are the only act in town.

props - Verizon H8er ID: D2BF69

04/02/12 | 8:48AM
Did you read the fine print? No? Then go read it before you start screaming "scam".

Things to look for, end dates, area in which the deal is offered, choices which nullify the deal, contract or no contract, services received at that price point, new customer or established customer, discounts that apply after the bundle price is calculated....willing to bet you didn't read carefully.

The Other Side - Verizon H8er ID: 3DD94D

05/08/12 | 15:54PM
I am not claiming that Verizon is running a scam, but it's a bit deceptive when you have to look at the "Fine" print to find out the "Basics" of the fees.

Ironically I ended up here for a different reason. My current promotion is near the end, so I wanted to see what I will be paying when the Promotion is over. Oh wait, that's not published on their site. In fact I was looking to see what other plans Verizon does offer and I WAS looking for the fine print. Guess what... It's not there. They don't show you the fine print until the VERY LAST STEP. Then it's 20 pages long and requires an attorney to interrupt it.

Why be so "coy" with this if you are trying to conduct honest business. The reason Verizon (and others) offer a discount if you do it online is because you are less likely to ask questions and you get suckered in.

How about good, honest fair service without all the Hype and Magic Tricks (Don't blink or the price changes)

Peg - Verizon H8er ID: 7D8F63

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