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04/02/12 | 8:17AM
An inside look

Honestly I am here because I knew someone would have a site like this and the logical spot to tell my own "horror stories" about the people that call me all day at work would be the spot they all gather after to talk about how bad it was, and make each other feel good with their "horror stories"

That being said, I am a verizon employee, but I do not represent verizon, and my opinions are my own.

I kind of doubt my posts will remain up here for long, if they even make it through the screening process, as this site looks more like an uninformed rant site then a reasonable debate site. We will see.

Now I am not saying verizon is flawless, or that there are not agents that do more damage then good, I know there are, because I get to spend a good chunk of my day cleaning up after them.

However, for every huge mistake another agent makes there at least 3 customers who cause even more problems....and I am going to share some of those stories.

The Other Side - Verizon H8er ID: 697F18

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04/02/12 | 14:47PM
You know what there are bad customers. BUT Verizon the business and their agents are supposed to cultivate good customers. If the customer is angry it is their professional duty to remain calm and help find a resolution the problem. If no resolution it is still their duty as a customer service representative to remain calm & professional and NOT take it personal. They are the paid professional problem solver, not the customer. Of course the customer is going to angry but how did they get angry. Once you've become an apologist for the company the war is already lost.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: CF9E47

04/03/12 | 2:00AM
I think you are misunderstanding what I mean by customers that cause problems, I am not talking about customers that call in upset over legitimate issues, solving those problems is what I am paid for.

It is the customers who call in and masturbate while on the phone, or harass the agents, or try to scam verizon, or deliberately start arguments that have nothing to do with what they called in about, or refuse to listen to what is possible, and insist they get something that isn't, or assume the rep is lying to them, or call in drunk on a regular basis, or misunderstand what the rep is telling them, then blame the rep for being wrong, or my favorite, insult the reps intelligence for not understanding what they mean when they use the wrong term and the rep doesn't understand.

Of course we do have some amusing episodes where customers call in with some ridiculous request and threaten legal action if they don't get it immediately, without even giving us the means to fulfill the request. Like the guy I had who threatened to throw all our equipment into the lake and sue us if we did not immediately send a tech out, but hung up without giving me the information needed to open his account, so I had no idea where he was even located.

The Other Side - Verizon H8er ID: 697F18

04/26/12 | 14:09PM
You want a simple story of Verizon CS ineptitude?
Moved 21 March, told that the final bill would be mailed to me. On 20 March I mailed equipment back via UPS.

18 April...still no final bill. Call CS, woman tells me I have to wait for billing cycle; IT WAS 4 April. I asked her if they had the correct address for final bill, she only has the old service address "ANOTHER DEPT HAS CURRENT ADDRESS." Then I asked if the equipment was received; "ANOTHER DEPT HAS THAT INFORMATION."

The above referenced service was TRANSFERRED from previous address but Verizon kept billing me for that address for almost 9 months. 7 phone calls and a CERTIFIED letter (to which I never received a response and yes it was delivered) $465 bill of which I didn't owe a penny. Turned over to a collection agency and then on my credit report. MONEY I DON'T OWE. After spending HOURS on the phone with Verizon (yes I wrote down dates, times, names) still never resolved. Now I'm waiting for the final bill from where I just moved from...will it ever come? I am so glad not to have to deal with V anylonger.

My son's story with Verizon Wireless? He moved out of the country, emailed them to close account and he got an email reply he couldn't close the account without a "code", didn't know what they were talking about. So he phones a week later from Europe and told the same thing, he couldn't close the account over the phone. He's in Europe. So he gives me power of attorney and I have to go to a storefront to close the account (according to CS) so I do. They don't even ask to see the POA but they do close the account. I asked about pro-rating the billing to the date he contacted them and the man looked at me like I was from another planet. We get another bill in the mail (my address because of European address). I call CS and ask what did my son owe up to the date when he phoned (they gave me the date he called because it's in their records) her reply? "you tell me what you want to pay." So, I quickly figured out a daily rate and paid what I thought he owed. BUT, Verizon did not adjust the remaining balance and they turned it over to the credit bureaus and it has impacted his FICO score.

Bottom line: CS in the stores and via phone do not do a good job.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: AAFB15

05/11/12 | 0:05AM
So you called customer service and were told they did not have access to the specific information you wanted, so either someone really wasn't doing their job, or they did not have access to that information. Did you get to another dept and get that info? Sounds like a billing issue to me, probably covered by the billing department, rather then customer service.

As for your sons issue, something obviously went wrong there in the end, but why would they credit back that week? The reality of the situation is your son did not have the information he needed to cancel over the phone. Sure that sucks, but that sounds like a code your son set up at one point to prevent unauthorized parties from making changes to his account. If he can't remember he even added a code then why should verizon credit him back for not canceling service on the day he requested for it to be canceled? Its not a case of that is when it "should" have been canceled, but a case of not having the needed information, which he was responsible for keeping.

TheOtherSide - Verizon H8er ID: 697F18

04/14/19 | 3:14AM

Michaelpep - Verizon H8er ID: E497DC

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