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04/04/12 | 10:27AM
Ugh! Worse than Fighting a Two-Headed Gator!

My husband and I ordered Verizon for our new home. When our "turn on" date arrived- no internet, no phone. I called for support, and they sent a tech out a few days later. He told me it was in the lines a FEW STREETS AWAY, and they'd send someone else out to look into the prob. Long story short, after over 2 weeks of being told daily our prob was fixed (and it wasn't), and twice staying home for a tech who never showed, they found that our house was not wired to the pole. When I called to have the charges removed for the time we didn't have service, customer rep Amanda told me not to pay the bill, and our charges would be adjusted the following month. What a shock the "shut off of enhanced services" letter was! The next rep to whom I spoke told me I should NEVER have been advised not to pay, and he fixed the error in charges. He also convinced me to "save" money by bundling DirecTV. Next bill, our DirecTV rebates, that he assured me we'd keep, were gone. Called Verizon, who told me to contact DirecTV, who told me the rebates were still on the account, and to call Verizon. Next call, I asked directly for a supervisor, who refused to take the call. 58 minutes on the phone with a rep who did nothing but eventually promise to send our account to "be investigated. Was told 24 to 48 hours for a response. Allowed a week and 2 days, then called again. A surly rep told me the account was still being investigated, not to pay the bill that was now due(hahaha), and we should hear back soon. What is there to investigate??? The rep quoted me a bundle price of 89.99, then minus the year of rebates he promised we'd keep. This does NOT equal the 108.99 BEFORE taxes and fees that we were billed. No late charges, no carry-overs. A current account in good standing. UGH!!!! Prob is, the only other options are Comcast or Hughes Net, which are more expensive. Thinking the extra money might be worth better customer service.

Shari - Verizon H8er ID: FF2665

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KennethRem - Verizon H8er ID: E3332F

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