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04/04/12 | 14:35PM
No more dry loop without voice service

I pasted in an e-mail below that I got from Verizon EVEN THOUGH I haven't been a Verizon customer for over two years. In a pathetic grab for money they are forcing High Speed Internet customers to also have voice service. Who in the heck needs a voice landline at their home these days?

I loathe Verizon. I have AT&T wireless even though Verizon's coverage is far superior in my area and I'm not the only one. The faster Verizon dies the better.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for being a loyal Verizon customer.

At Verizon, we are committed to bring you the best suite of products and the most current capabilities, while providing the value and quality of service that you expect. From time to time, we must make changes to our product offering to meet these goals. Beginning May 6, 2012, we will no longer offer High Speed Internet without local voice service on the same account.

What does this mean for you?
If you currently have High Speed Internet without local voice service on the same account, there is no action required on your part to continue enjoying your internet service.
You will not experience any disruption of service.
Prior to May 6, 2012, you can still make speed upgrades or downgrades to your existing service.
Prior to May 6, 2012, you can receive bundle discounts by adding DIRECTV service or Verizon Wireless service to your current internet service.
What this means if you change or disconnect your High Speed Internet Service as of May 6, 2012, or after:
You can make changes to and retain your Verizon High Speed Internet Service on or after the above date, by adding Verizon’s local voice service to the same account.
If you are moving your service from one location to another on or after the above date, you may subscribe to internet service at your new location if you also subscribe to Verizon’s local voice service on the same account.
If you choose to subscribe to additional Verizon services you could be eligible for a bundled discount when you also subscribe to Verizon’s local voice service on the same account.

Thank you for choosing Verizon as your High Speed Internet service provider. We appreciate your loyalty and look forward to providing you with great service for years to come.


Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D6C070

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04/04/12 | 14:38PM
BTW, Frontier took over DSL service here a couple years ago. They aren't perfect and the transition period was particularly rocky but they are far, far better than Verizon. I am both a computer scientist and have (in the past) worked tech support for many years and feel I'm fairly qualified to know who is providing better service and support.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D6C070

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AzrielErure - Verizon H8er ID: F25D7B

06/08/19 | 12:29PM
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WilliamItege - Verizon H8er ID: CAE1E6

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