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04/09/12 | 20:25PM
Don't bundle with DirecTV

Besides the fact that Verizon has one of the most crooked billing systems, they are trying to screw me out of a 92 dollar bill that DirecTV says I owe them. Granted I left Verizon and DirecTV 3 months ago and my last DirecTV bill was 0. Don't get suckered into bundling deals with Verizon and DirecTV. DirecTV on their own was wonderful but once Verizon had their bill incorporated into one bill it all get screwed up. I cannot stand Verizon. They can send you a bill for whatever amount they choose and if you don't pay it, it will go into collection weeks later. I payed my outstanding balance with Verizon, now DirecTv is looking for their portion, which Verizon was supposed to pay...one bill. I'll be damned if I pay the same amount twice. DROP DEAD VERIZON!!

Mike V - Verizon H8er ID: 8FD47B

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04/10/12 | 14:11PM
That's EXACTLY why I created my own website similar to this one to SPREAD the word about some of Verizon's crooked deals.
Would be pleased to have you share your story here: http://www.wewerecheated.com
The more websites that can show these stories, the better chance someone will discover their cheating before it's too late for them !
Unfortunately, I found websites like this one AFTER the fact :(

Glen Rushing

GlenR - Verizon H8er ID: 7FEA04

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