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04/14/12 | 12:41PM
I hate verizon more then anyone!

Verizon has ruined my life and my marriage, Verizon stole from us so badly we had to cut our grocery bill by 3/4 for almost one year.
While verizan over charged me and swore they didn't for almost a year we went hungry.It wasn't till almost a year and 1900.00 plus they stole from us on over charging on our bill's until I found someone to straighten it out for us. Then they would only give me credit for upcoming services,services that SUCKED and most the time had no service, saying they would also grandfather me into unlimited internet service after they were found to be thief's, what they didn't tell me was they were going to slow down my service so bad, I have not been able to even get on line.(while still paying)....Verizon more then sucks,they would not let me out of my contract even after all of that!,thank God it is over on may 3rd!!! Oh happy day! That still does not take care of the destruction of a fantastic marriage and hungry children. Do you know what it is like to have a military husband who when open the bills for almost 1 year finds hundreds of extras on a bill! Fight, screaming, throwing up concern about how we could pay it and missed vacations. Yes I HATE YOU VERIZAN!I hate everything about you. You have made this family suffer and ruined my marriage. They didn't care,lied to us and made this hard working american family suffer under their regime. Save your family and yourself the complete suffrage,they will place upon you. I also will be getting rid of my verizan home phone,as I do not ever want them in my home ever again.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2E83D2

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