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09/14/06 | 3:30AM
The ever unpopular VBTS

Hmm. Ok seriously, does everyone think it is possible for every person working for a huge company like Verizon to be out to get you? technical support is a totally different industry. The truth is that there are many different companies who do the tech support for different companies. VBTS has three different companies that we use. It isnít Verizon who is fucking u always. Verizon gives a contract to a support company based on past track record. Believe me it is not difficult for these companies to fudge the #s on quality scores and customer care surveys etc. It takes a while for the company to realize that the support that they have hired is ruining their reputation. Then they give other companies a chance and stick with who does the best job for the price. I'll be honest with u. most of the ripping off goes on in the sales depts. and u can usually get your money back if u know a thing or to about contract laws BBB etc. I do empathize with u. I was ripped off by a future shop employee for my thousand dollar deposit on a cell contract. But I donít hate future shop (best buy) I know it was my fault for trusting a sales person. Thatís why I say buyer beware. Donít try to turn my words on me because you havenít got the mind to think of your own. Like I said b4 a lot of u people could only wish u could have ran into me on the phone or someone like myself. I would have had your side. Like I do for everyone I talk to, unless of course there trying to rip the company off for free equipment etc. you are only dealing with isolated incidents. Verizon would rather have customers for years than a month. I see Verizon give 90 day credits ($120-$270) on accounts all day long. And other discounts on equipment etc. you just didnít know how to get them. You probably just screamed and yelled and so the person didnít care what happened to u anyways. If u act like an ass u get treated like an ass. Didnít your parents teach u that?
Hereís a little tip. When u say Iím going to go to Comcast or Time Warner etc. no one cares because people who know the industry know all those big companies including Verizon are owned by a monopoly called Disney/Time Warner. So I guess u better start a Disney/Time Warner hate sight. I never came here to argue with ignorant people I came to see what the people really think and let them know that some people really give a damn about their customers and giving them what they pay for. Obviously some of the people who come on this sight are just stuck up and ignorant. But hey for the people who have half a brain and really know anything about how to get what they want effectively. If you need help I can help you out Iím one of the best in the VBTS. Then again I havenít seen a single complaint on here about VBTS.
All consumer issues. At my work we just received a letter that they want to switch us over to consumer as we are the best biz sight. The consumer sights are apparently so incompetent. We will be coming. Youíll know us were the ones who speak English and sound like we actually know what we are talking about.

Thank You

The ever unpopular


- Verizon H8er ID: 5F29AE

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