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04/17/12 | 14:03PM
Hands down worse company i have ever did business with.

For a moment let’s set aside that my charges are outrages. Let’s set aside having to sit on hold for hours. Let’s set aside that the billing is in accurate, which is also linked to why the charges are high, and reflect to the key problem with this company, (As all these issue occur with Time Warner as well. Comecast is the only company where you will not find these issues.) The key problem with this company is accountability. The key reason why the service and the level of customer service is so poor is that they do not have a system in place that acknowledges accountability. If someone blind transfers you, hangs up on you, is rude, provides you with misinformation, or the endless other excuses to pass your issue along so they don’t need to resolve the problem, there is no accountability. Sure they monitor the calls, but who actually listens to all the calls? Sure they write notes, but if they provide inaccurate information, clearly they will also write an inaccurate note. The company does not have anyone to actually call or email to address the issue. Even if you get to the corporate office, they do the same thing. Pass the buck, and the customer is still trying to get the problem resolved, or they just lie the excuse away so that they do not need to resolve it. If there was accountability, these issues would not occur as people would do the job the way they are supposed do in a fashion as if their boss was standing right next to them. But since the likely hood of someone hearing the conversation is clearly not going to happen, they can say and pass you along without a thought about it more. The Supervisor I spoke with was named Bill. He talked over me, gave me so much jargon to try and talk away the fact I was double billed 4 times, and was “nicely Rude”. Despite explaining I previously spoken with someone (a manager in fact)who found the problem and wrote a note to fix it, the new person I spoke to disregarded anything I had to say. Why didn’t the manager just fix it when he found it? Great question. Because another department handled credits that big. Then when I got to the other dept that handled the credit, they could not find the note or anything wrong with the bill. I was transferred so many times, and mysteriously when I did get someone who seemed to know what they were doing and wanted to help, the notes he wrote on the account that justified I was mis-billed disappeared. Great magic trick. This is the worst company EVER, if I ever got rich I would buy this company just so I could fire all the people who work there… for now, I am going to cancel my service until I can move into a area that offers Comecast.

Jenny olson - Verizon H8er ID: 20EF6A

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05/13/19 | 3:02AM


HaroldPrike - Verizon H8er ID: 405285

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