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04/20/12 | 0:17AM
Check not accepted

I arranged for my Verizon internet to be paid by American Express. My bill had an odd charge: telephone number was based in Hawaii. Contacted AmEx. They could not verify who the heck the payee was. Soooo, I cancelled payment. I continued to receive bills from Verizon and paid them, two months in a row. THEN, Verizon sent back my checks. Said that my financial provider (AMEX) had refused payment. Odd, no one refused payment on my "regular" checks. Tried to sort this thing out. Got an unctuous "Kevin" who refused to give his last name or employee number. I said, i want to pay my bill. Kevin said, you need to get a certified check or a money order. Oddly, I live in a place where neither of those is available. I told Kevin, I want to pay Verizon. How do I pay by check. He said it wasn't possible. Sooo. No money for Verizon. (Fortunately, I'm so old it doesn't matter what my credit score is.) Can't think of what else they can do to me. Ohhh, I told Kevin that I wouldn't hang up until I heard from someone. That was 20 min ago. My phone just went ............... Poor Kevin. So, anyway, seems I can't pay my bill unless I conform to their restrictions: certified check from bank (gee, there is no bank in my town--Port Carbon, PA), money order (nope, no one who could do that either). Hm, can't remember the third choice, but it didn't work.

bill thomas - Verizon H8er ID: 42FEB6

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03/09/19 | 8:13AM
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jenniferty11 - Verizon H8er ID: 5F4D88

03/20/19 | 23:18PM
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Albertaborm - Verizon H8er ID: 7EE376

04/08/19 | 9:34AM

Grigoriyabish - Verizon H8er ID: BAA2B5

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