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04/27/12 | 19:39PM
Puking blood

Holy sh**, where do I begin? About 3 year ago, I cancelled Verizon and switched to Comcast. About 2 months later I was hit with a bill for service after I cancelled the service, which I called about and was told the charges were refunded. I thought that was the end of the story until about a year ago when I got a notice from a collection agency that they were attempting to collect $$$ on behalf of Verizon. I got through to Verizon, after hours spend on the phone I was assured they credited my account and had an account closed in good standing with a $0 balance. I disputed the charge from the collection agency and thought all was well until yesterday when I got another letter from a collection agency stating they are collecting $151.12. What kills me is I threw away all my contact names, confirmation numbers, dates etc. etc. from prior conversations because I thought it was a dead issue. I called Verizon yesterday and after being transferred from person to person endlessly, a Mr. Adams told me I had two closed accounts in good standing with $0 balances and he would transfer me to......THE COLLECTION AGENCY. Back to square one. I tried again today and after an hour on the phone being transferred from person to person who all are telling they have no record of an account with any outstanding balance with my name or phone number, Tammy (would not give me a last name or ID #) abruptly transfers me to the Collection Agency after I gave her the name and phone number of said agency. I swear to God I've never felt such murderous rage. How can this company commit such atrocities. I checked my free credit report and the collection agency ran a credit check on me last week. I have always had good credit, paid bills on time, and just can't figure out how Verizon gets away with raping people like this and still staying in business and being a huge successful corporation. I just hope Karma catches up to them.

Dan from PA - Verizon H8er ID: 295D23

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05/10/12 | 22:33PM
just don't pay the collection agency. its a scam to get money from you. they have no legal power to obtain any claim in court so don't even worry about it. you have enough shit on your side to back it up anyway. fuck verizon!

stabemwydaknife - Verizon H8er ID: 207CE6

05/23/12 | 4:29AM
Ask the collection agency for a proof of debt.

They don't have it because you don't owe it.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 9F56F6

03/12/19 | 5:14AM
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ambernf1 - Verizon H8er ID: 7F2A95

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