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04/29/12 | 23:38PM
a rant.

every phone company will fuck you over, but Verizon is by far the worst
i have possibly the shittiest phone they offer, this phone's screen constantly freezes and shuts off on its own.
my monthly bill is almost $200. just for voice and text. i'm pretty sure we have the least amount of minutes allowed and i never use the internet and i'm charged for data usage anyways.
also, forget about getting help from a sales rep or anyone. if you have an issue, they either put you on hold a hundred times or they charge you some more fucking money.
and what the fuck is this surpluses and government charges on my bill? they'll literally charge you for anything they can think of.

Fucking Pissed Off. - Verizon H8er ID: 96D7B6

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05/10/12 | 23:51PM
....government charges? You are confused about government charges? I would think it would be self explanatory. Charges by the government....

AnInsideLook - Verizon H8er ID: 00AC2C

06/12/12 | 20:26PM
That is true they do screw people my bill is round 200 a month too. I been having issues with them for months now every month my balance goes up I'm.like.how I pay them.every month sometimes 2 times a month but they say that I wasn't paying the full amount due per month I was like what the hell is that I call u tell.me I have to pay 200 but next month u tell me that I actually owed 230 so now I got late fees. They just told me that there is a past due amount on my account that is 118 days past due I said how since I paid them every month since I got my phone then I got a whole different story. I'm just done with them I hate calling them there customer service sucks and they charge way too much

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 62663A

03/14/19 | 19:27PM
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AndreyUphob - Verizon H8er ID: C4763C

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