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04/30/12 | 19:47PM
4 years of FIOS is done !!!! & other nice things

I was the very FIRST one in my area to have FIOS. I honored my initial 2 year agreement without too much difficulty EXCEPT:
My DVR/ set top box needed to be reset at least 15 times due to frozen picture, volume levels fading in & out, and a few other annoyances. This would be corrected, but needed to be re done almost monthly, as it would gradually have problems again. My requests for a new box went ignored. I was subscribed to their HD viewing package, which in the beginning was a "work in progress", and would gain more stations over time.
Very little was added. When my renewal was coming
up I had my package re-evaluated. I renewed my "Quadruple Play" for less, and gained a few more HD channels plus a bump up in my high speed internet. I never got the additional channels because they simply created new packages. I also got to see lower advertised rates on their commercials almost daily. A word on their rates: They DO NOT INCLUDE EQUIPMENT RENTAL FEES, which are quite high depending on your needs.
I had also subscribed to their "EXPERT CARE" program which covered all of the computers in my home. I had a minor repair issue with my laptop. I initiated a claim, and it was sent to their repair facility. I am a computer expert. The repair facility ordered several parts that it did NOT need to solve the problem. I even taped a detailed letter to the lid of the laptop to make the tech's job easier. No parts were needed, just some resoldering. After the replacement parts did not solve the problem, they SCRAPPED my $3000.00 laptop. The replacements offered were worth about $600.00. After going round & round with them for 6 weeks, I finally got a reasonable buyout, and ordered a new machine on my own.
I have switched back to Comcast, and have gotten a package which includes quite a bit more in programming, Multi Room DVR, Phone, High Speed Internet for almost $100.00 per month less. There are NO equipment rental fees except a $9.00 / month upcharge for the multi room DVR. I was with Comcast for 28 years before FIOS, and it seems that Comcast now has their act together, as opposed to years past.
The only way to hurt Verizon is in their pocketbook. Since making the change, I have also changed my business phone to Comcast for 1/3 the cost over Verizon, cut back their directory advertising to 1/2. The net result is that Verizon now is left with a small portion of what they used to receive from me every month both personally & business. The savings each month amount to more than an average car payment.

Bill - Verizon H8er ID: E48491

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05/01/12 | 13:57PM
My guess is that just like the multiple generations of copper wire plant out there your 'first' generation FIOS was not upgraded or maintained properly. Sounds like they're selling upgraded services based on central office equipment that isn't quite compatible with the outside plant technology. Or they're not ordering the right stuff from their vendors.

I know Comcast frequently sends software updates to their boxes. Does Verizon do that automatically or do you or a tech have to manual initiate a download?

I cringe when I hear any item is shipped out or contracted out for repair. Subcontracted worked frequently means the lowest bidder which must maintain high productivity for profit. Just figuring what to solder is too much work for the tech/company that has no intention of taking time. They want cookie cutter solutions. If they order a board as far as they are concerned they solved the problem and are just waiting on parts. They can bill Verizon or who ever for their work.

We have a neighbor who has had Verizon less than a year and I've seen techs out there at least 3 times. One time he lost his tv picture and had to wait 3 days for a tech.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3282A7

05/03/12 | 17:48PM
wanna chat with the head of fios? call 508-234-2269 ask for dan and dont tell this corporate stooge where u ggot the number

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3A6015

05/06/12 | 14:17PM
I've had Fios for over 4 years now with zero outages. Can any Comcast customer say that? The equipment is the best I've ever had. And yes they do do automatic updates without a service tech coming out. I will admit the price of Fios is not the cheapest but you get heat you pay for.

Jamie B. - Verizon H8er ID: 788536

05/07/12 | 15:03PM
That's good that you haven't suffered any outages. But I know people that rarely suffered copper wire landline outages but knew others that frequently had trouble. It does depend on the area but fios just started rolling into our neighborhood over the last few years, to me there is no reason for the number of outages I see around here on 3 year old plant and equipment especially since fiber is spliced and tested to a higher standard.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 3282A7

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