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05/07/12 | 20:23PM
Verizon incapable of disconnecting ONE phone

I have two verizon land lines
On friday I asked to

1) have on line suspended
2) UN disable caller id blocking on the remaining line

What did Verizon do?

1) disconnected BOTH lines
2) caller id is still blocked, but they suspended the ability to selectively override it for individual calls.

So I called them...they fixed it after a bit.

then later in the day they UNFIXED it.

I called them again & they admitted they coulnd't figure out how to do it.

That's right this multi zillion dollar company doesn't know how to disable ONE phone.

Now it's monday, they were to try again then call me, but at 4 pm I hadn't heard from them. I've been on mostly hold while they look into it again. Still a no go.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: F5C6B4

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