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05/08/12 | 13:05PM
I've been lied to so many times...Dealing with Verizon has is like having a terrible part time job!!

I have been with Verizon since November and dealing with them has become a part-time job. I have been lied to so many times!!! I never get the right answer which means I have to constantly call them back to figure everything out. I hate them!!! They lie and give information so much that you have to do your own research to figure out your plan and your bill.

I was told I had unlimited data, when I saw all the overage charges and called them the rep said that I would be "grand-fathered" into the program. I called again when I got more charges and the rep told me there is no such hting as unlimited data unless I once a customer years ago. The supervisor was no help basically stated the same thing and it really didn't seem to bother her. The reps flat out lie to customers!!

I'm on their %GB which is utter bullshit, I ran out of data so quickly. I have literally deleted everything on my I-phone, barely using anything and I'm still running out of data so fast. One rep told me it was the facebook app, the other e-mails with attachments, the other "words with friends."

I added another line and was never told I have to pay a second activation fee. The bill came in and I was charged for it. I called the rep and she said I should get in touch with the store because they would wave it for me. She transferred me to the store and the store said they can't do it. This annoying rep wrote in the customer notes that she told me that the fees cannot be waved. I know because the store rep read this to me as we chatted.

After an hour or so of talking on the phone a rep supervisor finally waived my fee. I had to make three phone calls, had to explain my situation three times and lost an hour!!!

I don't understand this!!! This company truly does not care about its customers. They clearly just want to make money. I have told everyone I know to never sign up with Verizon and as soon as my plan is up I'm getting the hell out of there and going to AT&T. I had T-Mobile before and they were pretty good as well.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 1928A0

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