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05/09/12 | 4:23AM

Today I must have spent two hours on the phone with a customer service supervisor at Verizon who more or less was a total idiot and I discovered a lot today about my little HTC Thunderbolt. The phone apparently came with a Blockbuster application PRE-INSTALLED on it and I never paid much attention to it until today when I got a notice that there was a manual update for it. How many of you have ever read the permissions when downloading an update etc on your phone. Generally, I ignore them but today I read the one for the Blockbuster app. I believe it is version 2.2. It was getting deeply invasive and I thought I would uninstall it on the phone. Went to my Easy Uninstaller app and the application didn't even show up in the list. I then went to Settings/Applications/All Applications and I hard pressed the application and there was NO UNINSTALL FUNCTION for the application. I called Verizon "friendly" automated intelligence and after being frustrated by this, I got a very pleasant and understanding CS Rep who tried to tell me he was going to have to call me back because we couldn't troubleshoot over the phone. I proceeded to ask him why? I already know how to uninstall applications on my phone and told him the story and he actually was quite understanding and told me he understood my point but there would be an early termination fee if I cancelled my service. I have no affiliation with Blockbuster nor do I choose to yet Blockbuster is being sent my supposed "private information" even though I never gave them permission to do so. I explained how angry I was about this issue and that I wanted to cancel my service if this problem could not be fixed and I was NOT GOING TO PAY THEM AN EARLY TERMINATION FEE or $132.93 MONTHLY for the device to share extremely invasive stuff with a company that I do not choose to affiliate myself with and that they could pretty much take it and do what they wanted with it. He explained that he understood but there was "no way for him to waive or for me to avoid an early termination fee" if I chose to cancel my service. I explained that this was supposed the USA and the Constitution still was in effect and the fourth amendment still applied. He then put his "supervisor" on and again they said it was HTC fault and that they are "only the provider of service" and that perhaps HTC could help me. I explained that had I know these 4G Phones came with pre-installed applications that COULD NOT BE INSTALLED, I WOULD NEVER HAVE BOUGHT IT. She of course proceeded to tell me well ****** there was always their 14 DAY WORRY FREE GUARANTEE (which happens to have been changed to 14 days from 30 Days without my knowledge and about 15 days after I bought the damn thing I was fed up with it and explained I had a 30 Day Worry Free Guarantee and that I did not want the phone. He said, no ****** you only have 14 days to make that decision. I said when in the hell did that change without my knowledge too? He said, its been a long time and I only became a Verizon customer in October 2010 and have hated the overpriced company ever since. Again, my attempts to deal with a SUPPOSED WORRY FREE CONTRACT were thrown back in my face and was told that there would be no way to "cancel" without an early termination fee. This has been going on since I have been a Verizon customer...going round and round hearing the SOS out of the mouths of the people on their end, well ****** we want to keep you as a customer (hostage) ******. What can we do to do that? I said nothing that I was done and wanted them to honor my 30 Day Worry Free Guarantee and that I had only become a customer in October of 2010 and I was sick and tired of the same old thing. He refused to do so.

Today after learning about the pre-installed applications on my HTC Thunderbolt that was not removable, I looked at my contract date. It said my contract was up in 02/2014. The bastards again screwed me after I fought and fought with them about their ridiculously high costs and then in January of this year (again without my knowledge or consent), the company instituted a "Data Interruption Policy or something with a similar name = when I became a Verizon customer in October of 2010 I bought a unlimited data plan and I listen to streaming music almost constantly. In January of 2012 the company started the policy and what it did was keep me from listening to music pretty much at all on my Motorola Droid X 3G phone that I had switched to (originally a Droid X in August of 2011) The end of my contract date was August of 2013. Now it has proceeded to go to February of 2014 because because of their new policy that I never agreed to, I could no longer listen to any semblance of streaming music on my 3G phone even though I still had an unlimited data plan. The bastards had instituted this policy and I could no longer use my phone for its intended purpose, because of their unagreed to policy, the phone essentially became useless to me because I talk on the phone very little any way. I no longer could have any uninterrupted streaming data communications because of a "new Verizon Data policy" that I never agreed to in the first place. They proceeded to tell me because I was a high data user "in my market", I would not get uninterrupted data communications even though I had an unlimited data plan that I had kept since Day 1. This was the hair that broke the camel from my standpoint and they essentially forced me into a 4G phone (HTC THUNDERBOLT) because my 3G Motorola Droid X would no longer function for its intended primary purpose. I wanted OUT no discussion and still was told that the only way to avoid an "early termination fee" even though my phone became a doorstop for its primary intended purpose of a streaming music device, I was strong-armed into spending more $$$ that I don't have for a device that would allow me to do so. I never agreed for them to extend my contract from August of 2013 until February of 2014 because THEIR POLICY (that I had never agreed to in the first place) made my device unusable for its intended primacy intended purpose, they forced me to BUY this new 4G phone and I had no knowledge of them upping my contract date from 08/2013 to 02/2014 nor did I give anyone permission to do so.

Simply put, I HATE VERIZON WIRELESS for the bullying and strong-arm tactics and playing dumb when something goes awry. They send you a new phone then up your contract date without your knowledge. The bastards will NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER get my business again under any circumstances and when I find a good attorney who would agree to take on a contingent legal action against Verizon Wireless on a class action basis, all of you can join too. Will keep you posted of my progress and my continued attempt to be rid of these f**k**s ONCE AND FOR ALL. I will NEVER EVER DO BUSINESS WITH VERIZON WIRELESS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. THEY ARE GUILTY OF ILLEGAL CONSUMER PRACTICES AND CONTINUE TO F**K THEIR CUSTOMERS IN EVERY WAY AND THEY THINK WE CAN DO IT BECAUSE WE ARE VERIZON WIRELESS. SOMEONE IS GOING TO TAKE THIS ON AND WE ARE GONNA WIN FOLKS. Anyone who has had a similar issue is free to 6OHfivEfIvEtWooNe5sIxSiX1 if they would like to discuss this with me. I'll start taking names and get this thing going because Verizon Wireless thinks they can do anything they want to anyone. We the customer are going to show Verizon Wireless that this is not the case. If you would like to take part you can always contact me and we can talk about your experiences and will take info for our new "class action" litigator. Please only contact during normal contact *business" hours and if you need to leave the appropriate information. I look forward to hearing from all of you out there that have had the same stinking illegal experiences I have had with this company and together...we can make a difference. I will be contacting the FTC and every consumer action group that is out there and sharing this story with them and perhaps you will allow me to share yours too. Thanks and look forward to it new friends. This has got to STOP.

GEOFFEY - Verizon H8er ID: 285903

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05/10/12 | 23:39PM
ok, so the contract extensions seems to be a legit reason to be mad, as well as the data plan policy change, although it probably showed up months in advance on your bill, but let me see if I get the rest of this right...

You called Verizon Wireless about an app that would not uninstall on an HTC phone, you were told the app was preloaded by HTC, and verizon just provides the service and has no control of the ability to install or uninstall the app, and was then referred to HTC. At which point rather then call HTC about uninstalling the app you insisted the verizon rep do something he was not trained for, and had no specific knowledge about, and if he couldn't do it immediately on the phone at that point you wanted to cancel service.

Did I get that right? You called the wrong company, were told you called the wrong company, then instead of calling the right company, you insisted the wrong company fix the problem, or you would cancel service with them.

So if you buy a computer at Wal-Mart, do you also call them for technical assistance?

Maybe you should pause from being mad for 2 seconds and use your head and think if maybe what you are being told makes sense.

AnInsideLook - Verizon H8er ID: 7C6DC1

05/13/12 | 3:22AM
nope not right at all. There has been so much in between it would take me days to share it. At any rate, I am still angry at Verizon and will not be corralled into any more extensions but I have decided that my music would be very missed if I were to dump the service. I'll bite the bullet, be a good little guy, suck it up, pay my bill and when its over..........ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GEOFFEY - Verizon H8er ID: 285903

06/06/12 | 15:00PM
Geoffrey, I am with you on this one. Didn't have a Blockbuster issue but I have spent hours on the phone with Verizon over STUPID problems. Don't even sweat the Worry Free return policy they have. I had a Droid Razr that I returned within 10 days and was still charged the full price. It took me hours to settle that. I had receips from the return and I had to call the Verizon store I bought it from and have them call Verizon to verify that it was returned. Changes were never made to our account to reflect the return. That went on for months. I bought the phone in December and FINALLY got my bill straigt in May. I had to make several trips to the store with Verizon on the phone as I left my house, didn't want to lose the rep after being on the phone with them for an hour+. After I got it cleared up that the phone WAS returned they charged me an early termination fee. They charged me the activation fee and the charged me for the phone service for the 10 days that I used the phone which was all fine and good but the 10 days of service cost me more than 1 month of service on a regular plan. I had to fight with them for several more months to take the eary termination fee off. THEN while all this was going on they made changes to my husbands line without our authorization. They took the unlimited texting off and charged him per text message. IDIOTS!!! So we had to call back and argue that because we NEVER made any changes to his plan, we simply added a line. Oh yeah, as I am sitting there waiting to return the POS Droid Razr, I was trying to stream the funeral for a local police officer who was killed in the line of duty, my husband is an officer and was attending the funeral, the freaking phone battery got SOOO HOT SOOO FAST that it burned my hand all the way to the bone!!!

Charly - Verizon H8er ID: 1FB192

02/28/18 | 21:33PM
5G is the new 4G, get wid the timez

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 72492A

03/29/19 | 21:57PM
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KometPoday - Verizon H8er ID: 538971

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