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05/15/12 | 2:48AM
Unexplained charges

I had Verizon Broadband internet back in 2009. I moved in April 2009 and Verizon was unable to continue services because they did not cover the new area I was living in. I canceled service that May. I just found out that there is a charge of $87 and change on my credit report in collections. I called Verizon to find out what the charges were for. The first time I called they couldn't even see that I was charged anything. Cool, please take it off my credit report. They said not problem. A week later, it's still on my report. I call again and they say the charges were from January 2010, what!? They credit back $30 and say they can't credit any more and that they cannot take it off my credit report until the balance is 0. What!? I asked what the charges were for and they didn't know. Seriously, if you can tell me what the charges were for and they were before May 2009 would gladly pay it. They said they would have to transfer the account to another department (that I cannot talk to, the elusive Account Specialists Department) and that they would be able to see what/when the charges were for and occured. They would be able to zero it out but it would take 48 hrs and someone would call me back when it was done. Another week later and I call back again. Same story. A week after that and I'm still getting the same story. I've had 6 reps tell me they would call me back and nothing. They said "why don't you just pay it?" I'm sorry, but I'm not paying something when you can't even tell me what I'm being charged for. And of course, when I ask for a manager/supervisor they tell me that the manager/supervisor won't be able to help me and it will do not good. Unacceptable!!! They are seriously ruining my credit over $50.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 225AC1

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05/22/12 | 17:52PM
My designated call center won't even be straight with me on their adminstrative fees which are meant to manipulate you into direct withdrawl to pay bills.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 367F23

03/06/19 | 1:14AM

indunk - Verizon H8er ID: 4EA680

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