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05/15/12 | 17:31PM

They have given me such terrible service over the years and again, last month, so here is my ode to them:
Ode to Whorizon
AKA Verizon

Our computer and wireless all worked fine,
until the Verizon modem died.
Called Verizon, they said the modem is bad
They’ll send me a few one, I was so glad.

All five lights lit and we’re ready to go
But none of the wireless worked, oh no.
Called Verizon Tech to help us with this,
But the wireless in the office couldn’t be fixed.

Our support group included Epta, Jim, Hunter, Courtney and more
But none could fix the problem that’s for sure.
We spoke with Deeksha and with Mark,
Frustration is building, we’re still in the dark.

Verizon I believe an American Corporation
But I think it’s merely a poor imitation.
No components are made here, only afar
No American parts, Verizon’s not par.

And Customer Service, I can’t understand
Yes, that’s right, I can’t understand.
This country is suffering from lack of work
Why not hire an American, your patriotism shirks.

Eight to ten hours on the phone with you guys,
And the only thing I got was many more lies.
Just a quick fix, a tweak here and there,
“Don’t worry now dear, Verizon takes care.”

Your customer service stinks to high heaven
I probably should have gone to 7-11
But you promised to fix it, that’s what you said
By the time you can do that, I’ll probably be dead.

And Kevin told me he’d call the very next day,
But two days later, he’s kept me at bay.
Frustration, anger, tears, being nice, and not
All of those hours, and what have I got?

Twice before Verizon has chosen to cheat me
This is the third time I’ll have to pay a fee.
I’ve called a technician here in our town,
He’ll fix my wireless and not let me down.

The“One Statement’ you had years a few years back
Charged us $400 more for some unknown fact.
Month after month, it was to be removed from the bill
We still got charged, what we got back was nil.

One of your agents came into our store,
And told us Verizon just could save more
But then we found out, his lies of omission,
Were the only way he earned his commission.

Verizon’s the only game in our town,
If someone else comes in, Verizon’s going down.
How you’ve stayed in business is really just luck,
Because Verizon, you really do suck.

At 69 years old, the last thing I need
Is for Verizon to deal me just one more bad deed
I write this catharsis my mind to ease
Knowing Verizon is only….liars, whores and thieves.

Now, I’m adding a post script to this ode of which I’m tired
Whorizon credited me $69, now I’m really wired.
Staples charged me $89 to get the wireless to work
Whorizon, again, their responsibility they shirk.

So, I guess that 77 per cent they feel is their responsibility,
And 23 per cent becomes my liability.
Are you kidding me, my soul you don’t please
Because again, you’re only liars, whores and thieves.

sharon - Verizon H8er ID: 03D2BA

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05/02/19 | 8:45AM

roriup - Verizon H8er ID: 1F7761

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