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05/22/12 | 17:46PM
Cell Phone Tower Deaths-article

An article on poor safety practices on cell phone towers which will be a Frontline episode.

Says alot of fatalities from technicians cutting safety corners including free climbing/unattached to tower for speed & productivity reasons. Also notes the problems with the layers of subcontractors being used which makes it harder to attach liability.


Sadly but not as catastrophically landline techs have cut numerous safety corners over the years jeopordizing their safety by 'documenting' a job could be done quicker without those pesky safety procedures. Sometimes it's a lazy tech but too many times it's a butt hole supervisor and/or scared or butt sucking tech.

I've seen techs climb a stepped pole without a belt using one arm to hold themselves up. Many techs have also not belted in themselves or the ladder when up a ladder paying the price with things like shattered ankles when they fall. Many fail to purge and monitor a manhole when working underground nor do they set up proper traffic control. Bucket truck techs usually have a major incident/accident a year when they fail cone off the area under the bucket which is then swipped by a passing truck.

Too many succumb to productivity pressure for personal gain. This is also why Verizon and other baby bell techs are or are perceived as unprofessional.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DC30E8

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04/27/19 | 0:13AM
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tracyrq3 - Verizon H8er ID: B9B9B5

05/02/19 | 20:35PM

Oppodia - Verizon H8er ID: FBC9AE

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