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05/24/12 | 2:00AM
Bullying at Verizon

I love to open my blog page, “Enough is Enough – Stop Workplace Bullying,” to see who and where the readers come from. Each day, I get to see, “Verizon Corporate Security,” peeking at my site. Verizon, just want let you know, I do not hide nothing from you or the world. Your recent threats to me about suing me for SLANDER, does not scare me.

Slander is defined as, “A false and defamatory oral statement about a person.” What I say about Verizon’s, bulling management tactics, discrimination tactics, harassment, and your racist managers are the truth. You will no longer use any bullying tactics to EVER stop me from telling the world just what you did to me, and continue to do to others that work for you!

I do not fear you Verizon or your attorneys from “Edwards, Angell, Palmer and Dodge out of Boston.” I do not care if they presented to me back in July of 2011 that they are in the top ten law firms in the country, I have God by my side!

If you, “Verizon” had any sense (which I see you have none), you would see that Edwards, Angell, Palmer and Dodge out of Boston, are milking you. You pay them over $1,000 an hour billable time, for about 2 years, and still going strong. And you have allowed them to push me into exposing you for what you are, and now it is only a matter of time before you crash. They say, you take an elephant down, one bite at a time.

As I speak, behind closed doors, I am organizing multi-million dollar suits against you helping your employees fight back, from all over the country! People are walking your managers into court houses pressing criminal harassing charges against them. This is not out of revenge, so please do not think it is. This is their rights, and my commitment and obligation to help them in any manner that I can, to help them seek a justified and healthy workplace. Since you Verizon fail at that, I will take over and help you.

You can thank, Edwards, Angell, Palmer and Dodge out of Boston, 1st manager “Mr. Malcome Benvie,” retired 1st level manager “Ms. Anne Best,” Area Manager “Mr. Laz Lopez,” Area Manager “Ms. Patty Regan,” Director “Mr. Robert Glynn,” Area Manager “Mr. Jim Fennell,” EEO – Officer “Mr Paul McGovern,” Area Manager “Mr. John Puopolo” and most of all Area Manager “Mr. Paul McCarthy (all from the Southeast / Boston Massachusetts Area) for all your turmoil! If you had the sense, once again, you will pull up years of documented grievances, and complaints against these ruthless individuals that have cost you probably millions in loss productivity and revenue.

Bullying, is about respect, and these managers have no respect for your hard working employees. They also have treated managers so bad, and you have allowed it. If by chance, anyone of your employees turn and harm your innocent employees, Verizon that blood will be on your hands. When it came to me, the level of torment accelerated and I was targeted. I was denied too many rights, now you will be denied peace.

I have proof, now in some on these employees above depositions compared to what was said at another time, that will lie them in jail. They perjured themselves on Federal documents, and I have processed them to the correct criminal places. They will be held accountable when the time is correct. This is far from over, so I hope their lies were worth it.

You may look at me as a loud voice, but think logically for just one minute. Would I “Neal W. Dias,” once a great and honorable employee fight this hard, and long and my story was not true.
Within one year, my cause will grow, and you will continue to be the company that will be in all the papers, media, in the halls of colleges and universities as an example of what not to do or become. Verizon on Wall Street, you will be known as the company other CEO’s will not want to associate with.

Verizon as you spend millions on anti-bullying money in schools, and on your sites, I will post the truth everywhere about your HYPOTICAL lies and treatment of your employees.

Verizon this momentum is growing, and all for the right reason. Today, I had realized as I was sitting in a press conference, what you did to me, will help so many others in and out of Verizon.

When you think that I am going away, that is when I am planning my next phase of exposing you – Verizon.

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

Neal W. Dias

Neal W. Dias - Verizon H8er ID: 0D13C8

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05/24/12 | 14:27PM
If they are telling you how good their lawyers then their good lawyers would've slammed you with a lawsuit much earlier.

Sounds like lower to mid level management wants you to go away as much as corporate. The problem is lower to mid level management was contaminated long ago by the old cry baby bell managers passing down their territorial warlord monopoly habits to their underlings like a genetic disorder.

I admire your persistence and fight. Hang in there.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 1C45DB

05/24/12 | 14:49PM
i was bullied also....worked in mass and ri...got fired for bush reason....

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 1E4F8E

06/13/12 | 22:41PM
Ty to both of you for sharing!


Neal W. Dias - Verizon H8er ID: 0D13C8

11/07/15 | 12:14PM
Was patty regain part of November rif?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 800E9E

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jlicwovlkudy - Verizon H8er ID: 7853EF

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