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06/23/12 | 6:11AM
the screwing runs deep

OK, today was the sprinkles on the icing.
A verizon moderator banned me from the verizon forum because I said moderators change, edit and delete messages in the forum. Now if that just ain't plain stupid. Well in a parting gift to her to make sure I was banned I let loose with pent up frustration with a string of profanities aimed at her.

Because for the past year they have been slowing down my internet speed from 3.1 meg to 2.5 and now to 1.8 because they oversold themselves.

They protect themselves with out sourced customer service that is totally worthless. They never return calls and say things like there is not supposed to be a surge protector on the power supply for your modem.


I worked in electronics for the government for 33 years before retirement. The last job I had was debugging engineer's designs. I think I know a little bit about electronics...

Also it took them three years to give me a different pair to my house. I had to call repair service and have them shout so I could hear them over the static.

Monday I will be getting service from a cable company and porting over my phone number as well.

It is sickening and heartbreaking that such an institution that used to be the Bell monopoly has takes so much control to screw the public and get away with it.

Their latest announcement:

Dear Valued Verizon Customer,

At Verizon, we continue our efforts to inform you about changes to your services, so we wanted to let you know that the Terms of Service for the following Verizon services have been revised:

• Verizon Online Service (FiOS® Internet and High Speed Internet)

• Verizon FiOS® TV Service

• FiOS® Digital Voice Service

• FiOS Digital Voice Inside Wire Maintenance Service

• Verizon Online Additional Services

If you have one or more of these services, the terms now require that you and Verizon resolve disputes only by arbitration or in small claims court. The terms also provide for a free, voluntary mediation program that may help us avoid disputes. By continuing to use the services after the date of this notice, you accept and agree to abide by the revised terms. For more information, visit http://www.verizon.com/terms/disputes and to review the revised terms of service, visit http://www.verizon.com/terms.

Please note that if your services were purchased prior to December 31, 2011 and are subject to term requirements with Early Termination Fees, the revised dispute resolution provisions will not be effective until expiration of your current service term period, although you may elect to accept the revised Terms of Service and take advantage of the mediation/arbitration provisions prior to that date by notifying Verizon.


Your Verizon Team

In other words, just try and sue us to get anything, we will have you tied up in court till you are dead.

The only wise thing to do is dump any and all verizon services you have and get something else, tin cans would be better.

If you don't have them don't get them, you will be immensely sorry.

Gerry - Verizon H8er ID: 952671

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06/26/12 | 14:48PM
This is another reason why Verizon and the other cry baby bells need to have their networks audited by a third party or government regulators and NOT take a Verizon tech or document as gossipable. Conditions change, plant wears out or is susceptable to damage. The volume of customers change.

Long story short the regulators need to audit telco and catv plant & equipment just to make sure there is truth in advertising and they are spending any regulator approved subcription increase on plant & service.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 976FE5

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