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06/25/12 | 23:25PM
Verizon DSL does not work

For weeks my DSL service with Verizon has been unavailable intermittently. I use email for personal and professional work. I've spent upward of 100 hours on the phone with Verizon, including screen sharing in which they "fix" the problem. Once they are off the phone, the problem comes back. I was sent to the OSC, Operating System Center, where a harried but nice man named Steve has tried to help over several hours and days. Now he has his voice mail on. I pressed Zero and got a person, Kevin, in the Executive Presidential Appeals Office. He said he could do nothing because I don't have an "Open Appeals Case." I asked how to open such a case. He said Go to the Verizon website. As you know the website is designed to block and frustration interaction. When I asked Kevin for a telephone number of that center, he declined to give it to me. I asked him to help me, while I was sitting at my monitor AT the Verizon website to find the "Appeals" Dept. He said he could not do that. It was not protocol. He said Verizon values its customers. When I said I could not get the person at OSC because his voice mail was on, Kevin said they are short-staffed because of cuts. I gathered through questioning that perhaps the OSC department is staffed by one person. When I requested an adjustment in the bill, I was told Six dollars would be removed. My DSL has been out intermittently, part of every day, for three to four weeks.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 508D53

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06/26/12 | 15:01PM
The government regulators need to start auditing and/or testing service provider plant & equipment to make sure there is truth in advertising and/or that the customer is getting what they are paying for.

Verizon and other cry baby bell dsl is using public rights of way and psuedo public plant from the monopoly ma bell days. The regulators need to physically see how the cry baby bells neglected plant funded by the public/ma bell monopoly days.

There are enough tech savy people and/por ex bell techs out there that glady and honestly could get accurate test results for a government agency. DSL/internet service provider plant needs to be audited by surprise year round to ensure servicability.

I would give Verizon supervisor one last chance to straighen out the problem. Then report them to the FCC and state utility regulators. Then the local BBB so it's documented the Verizon dsl sucks. This means phoning in trouble, every little trouble as it is happening for an associated line. Most DSL works of the old neglectged copper wire plant and is prone to moisture problems which gets wet and drys out affecting test results. Phone in trouble as it is happening.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2B3B90

06/26/12 | 15:03PM
correction. Phone in trouble from an UN associated line.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 2B3B90

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