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06/27/12 | 3:14AM
Aggravated Harassment: at Verizon

Aggravated Harassment:

I have been contacted quite a bit over a post that I put out there about Aggravated Harassment. This law is not to be used as a retaliatory means but to help you as a victim, in a workplace like Verizon.

You see Verizon will deny that their managers are not harassing a certain group, religion or color. So they will stated that their managers bully or harass everyone equally. They will stated that their managers are equal opportunity offenders. What this does is get them off the off for discrimination or retaliation charges to a protected class.

Verizon responded on an official document from a state / federal investigation, on my investigation that was performed by The Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination / Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on my complaint of discrimination, harassment and retaliation, as they stated: “The investigation yielded that Benvie had a reputation of being a bully and an equal opportunity offender. Race was not an issue with Benvie’s condescending and obnoxious behavior and inappropriate comments to almost everyone that he comes in contact with. McGovern (an EEO Officer in Boston Massachusetts for Verizon) had substantiated complaints from Caucasian technicians concerning Benvie’s offensive management style. Best, simply had a foul mouth and did not differentiate between anyone with the manner in which she spoke.

So what the “Aggravated Harassment” charge does is, strip Verizon and other companies from using this lame excuse to continue to violate your rights.

From 2004 until Verizon wrongfully terminated me in 2008 for standing up for my rights. I was an employee at Verizon and was being brutally harassed, discriminated against, retaliated against, targeted, bullied and was forced to endure numerous racial comments then terminated for making complaints about it.

I placed my issues in Verizon’s hands, and they failed me. I placed them in the hands of the Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination, and they failed me as well. I placed them into the hands of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the failed me also. Now it is the hands of the U.S. Federal Courts – and 8 years later – I am still awaiting JUSTICE!

I learned over time, there was no law to protect people from workplace bullies. I find this unacceptable and unfair to the workers in this country, and it’s a shame. But there is something else; and I wish I knew back them that I am going to share with all of you now to help you.

There is a law, which will help you against managers that are intentionally targeting and harassing you. But before you move forward on this, check with your state and local courts and attorneys.

As I know from being an employee in Verizon, it is run improper and things need to change now. So I have made it my life’s journey to strip them and drop them to their knees, one bite at a time. So yes, it is personal!!

Over the last few weeks, I have helped no many Verizon employees press criminal charges against Verizon management, for the continued and relentless harassment that fell under the law of, “Aggravated Harassment.”

These managers had to stand in front of the judge, on these charges, and had to make a plea. They had to hire their own attorneys, and will continue to spend money out of their pockets. Verizon and the EEOC protect these horrendous Verizon managers and deny or delay justice, but the criminal courts could care less who they work for. They are on their own now. Verizon will not pay for their attorneys.

My opinion is this, if I had to do things over and knew about this law; I would have filed criminal charges on managers like: “Mal Benvie, Anne Best, Paul McCarthy and Patty Regan (all from the Southeast Massachusetts area for Verizon), 4 managers that deserve more than justice.

I now know that within Verizon’s walls, they make the rules and alter them as they so please. You will never win, but now if your take it outside into the criminal courts, the game will now be played equally.

I first wanted to let you know, not all managers are bad. There are so many that really wants to be a manager, and treat your members well, but they are in fear of their own lives and careers. So they have been forced, to not manager people but to dictate instead utilizing fear and intimidation as the primary means to get their productivity. The abuse does come from the top down, as your members and so many 1st level mangers pay the price. This does not mean it is an excusable situation, but so many are in fear each day to do the right thing.

If other employees besides yourself have also had the same harassing issues, from bad managers and these managers are continuously moved around to keep protecting them (like the catholic priest were), the only way to keep tabs on their inappropriate and harassing behavior, is through court records.

As time goes, these harassing managers have a few choices:
• Keep paying for attorneys – because Verizon will not pay for their attorneys.
• Built a court and criminal record, which will either get them fired, or no one else will hire them.
• Possibly, and eventually go to jail as they may have numerous criminal complaints against them.
• Or finally STOP harassing the employees that deserve respect.

You do not have to pay for filing these charges at the police station, but these harassing manages have to pay attorney fees and possibly time out of work.

Understand this, if you begin to file criminal charges on the managers that are harassing you (remember not bullying you, as there is NO LAW to protect you from bullying) you will have a case.

Always remember:
• Always tell the truth – always tell the truth.
• Document everything! Verizon taught me that if you never document it, it never happened.
• And if you have witnessed, have them provide you with their statement – ASAP.

Read the information below to help you. Right now, this is your only hope, before the workplace bullying in one day a law.

You have a right to a healthy and safe work environment; sometimes you may have to fight for that right. Believe me so, Verizon will come after you’re for making a stand, just keep protecting yourself, and call the police if you feel threatened. Do not waste your time calling Verizon corporate Security. They are managers, on management payrolls, and are bought and paid for. DO NOT TRUST VERIZON COPORATE SECURITY – THEY ARE CURRUPT.

What is Aggravated Harassment?:
Harassment is a criminal offense that involves unwelcome actions, which may be intentional or unintentional, performed by one person toward another person. Harassment makes the receiving person feel uncomfortable, irritated, or fearful for his or her safety. Aggravated harassment is a broad legal term that refers to intentional actions designated to intimidate or terrorize another person. The exact legal definition may vary depending on the state, region, or country the action occurs in; however, most jurisdictions tend to categorize the crime into either first or second degrees according to the severity. The punishment will depend on whether the charges are considered first or second degree.
The less severe form of aggravated harassment is second degree. This may include contacting another person through repeated letters, telephone, or other electronic means, even after the victim has asked the perpetrator to stop. The perpetrator will usually act with the intent to make the victim feel uncomfortable or unsafe. It may also include certain physical contact, such shoving or striking, or just the threat of inflicting physical contact. A second degree form of the crime is generally a misdemeanor or more minor crime.

PDF Aggravated Harassment:

State Laws:

Stay strong – our time is now!!

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
-Edmund Burke

Neal W. Dias

Neal W. Dias - Verizon H8er ID: 406826

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