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06/30/12 | 11:59AM
92 year old victim

My 92 year old mother with a broken hip and
some memory deficits had Verizon phone service in her assisted living apartment that stopped working.The facility tested her phone and her
phone was functioning but she had no service.
Hence, the story begins. The facility called
both mom's son and daughter,both living at least 2 hours away in another state from where their mom lives, to let them know, so that family could call Verizon to get someone to fix mom's phone. The son starts calling Verizon immediately trying to get someone to go to the facility to fix the telephone lines.
Okay, he expects a long wait, but not like this.
The 800 Verizon number says large volume of calls
but wait for an agent. So he waits, one hour 20 minutes later someone comes on the line and says
it is a FIOS line and then transfers call to a tech. The tech takes down information and then
almost finished with information disconnects and
then a busy signal on son's end and " please hang up and call again comes on." Of course,there is no return call to son from Verizon. So now he starts all over again,
there is no record of call from first time and
another 40 minute wait but this time no person
ever comes back and he is forced to select an
automated service that says next day service
scheduled from 8 A:M to 9 P:M. Now this is
a problem because the facility does not have
anyone at the front desk after 8:30 P:M. It has
a special key code door after hours for security. So now call number 3 is initiated. This time he tries
the phone line for disabled customers.
This time the phone is answered quickly however
they cannot do anything about FIOS repairs and
they proceed to put him back on the "listening
to music line" and then the automated answering
service line comes back on and this time
he goes ahead and chooses repair tech to come
to facility from 8 AM to 9 AM, the next day.
This after 6 hours on the phone.
Next day,the facility gets a phone message that
they have to call Verizon back, and that
they have called mom's line and there is no answer
but they will continue to call her. BUT THE PHONE
IS NOT WORKING IN HER APARTMENT. THERE IS NO RINGING" Mom is in her apartment in bed,no
phone service and cannot verify that she is there.
The facility cannot call Verizon back because they
cannot spare personnel to get tied up with a
Verizon long wait for speaking to a representative so now day 2 saga begins because
someone has to be in the facility to authorize
the repair order to be sent out. Again, the son
has to spend 4 additional hours going up the chain
of command. Finally getting somebody to call the
facility back and verify that indeed someone is
at the facility and that the phone line is the problem. It was not an easy 4 hours call on
day 2 to finally get a work order and an assigned time to fix the problem and mom has to wait 2 more days for service.
Unfortunately,a 92 year old woman has
trouble remembering to recharge cell phones or
how to turn them on or off.
What can be done
to improve customer service and finding someone
who is compassionate and not give us canned answers like "corporate policy" and start having
"human being policies" initiated in Verizon.
People can make a difference. How can we change
customer service to fit customer needs?

Angry family - Verizon H8er ID: 6F3C5B

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