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06/30/12 | 20:53PM
Share-everything Plan Bait and switch

I am so upset with Verizon. we were told, at 1st contact they had put our plan thru the "analyzer" and we would save $ but they couldn't but it in force till after the 28th. when we called back after that date, after putting in the analyzer, it was going to cost it more $ (shocker) I still wanted to go back to my blackberry so eventually ended up with the "retention" department. that woman argued with EVERYTHING I said. In frustration I asked to cancel. She said she couldn't even do that! I blew my top and feel bad, but anyway, I asked to talk to her supervisor, after a long hold. she came back on and said, "OK, my supervisor canceled all five of your lines." GREAT JOB AT RETENTION!! they don't give a $#!* !!!

Brian Holley - Verizon H8er ID: 641CD5

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07/04/12 | 0:07AM
ADIOS VERIZON, Have a nice day

Besides incompetence and ignorance it sounds like the system is purposely set up to avoid cancellations. There is an evaluation category of retained or salvaged accounts and/or resolutions.

If they can't beat you with brilliance they will baffle you with BS.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 1586E7

05/14/19 | 2:05AM
, ?


ToniDrag - Verizon H8er ID: EB32DE

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