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07/12/12 | 17:55PM
Horrible service and cheating

I called customer service to buy internet service but representative offered deal for triple play for 79.99 plus tax with 400 dollar gift card in place of internet only at 64.99. I signed up for triple play but did not get any confirmation. I called and they said I have been signed up for 124 dollar package. I immediately cancelled my contract since it was clearly cheating. I told them to cancel my service as soon as possible. They cancelled and give me confirmation number but this time also I did not receive any email confirmation. I called again, they said that my service will be cancelled after 7/23/12. I requested again to make it effective as soon as possible(07/11/12)but still did not receive any confirmation. Called again on 07/12/12 but representative said my service will be cancelled from 07/23/12. I requested again to cancel as soon as possible and asked or explanation why its not been cancelled, she answered I have not talked to you before so I dont know. I requested to make it effective from 07/11/12 and she is made changes but still have not received any confirmation. I am pissed of with verizon. Please dont buy anything from verizon for god shake. Its horrible, horrile, horrible.

Vipul - Verizon H8er ID: 72A23A

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07/12/12 | 20:17PM
Sounds like they're billing like hospitals billing an insurance company-with what ever they can get away with.

Or Verizon has one of the most inefficient processes around. Setting aside the incompetent management that designed or oversees that system.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: FEBBAA

02/27/19 | 23:12PM

Squacle - Verizon H8er ID: CE7B1E

04/30/19 | 19:46PM
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WilliamFam - Verizon H8er ID: EAFD7E

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