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07/17/12 | 19:26PM
Verizon is the worst for business DSL

Yesterday, 20 mins on the pc "live chat" with tech support before being told they couldn't help and I needed to call the phone line. 52 mins on hold before getting to an operator (btw- the initial message said 'the wait time is over 5 minutes'). About 2 minutes after operator gets on phone, i give him my landline# and tell him my cell phone is about to die because I was waiting on hold for an hour. He says OK. My phone dies and he never calls. Today, I call back, punch in phone number, message says my problem is fixed. (I'm calling because the problem was NOT fixed!).
About 30 minutes to get someone called "tech support". Over an hour on the phone. Tech support knows little about my problem and has to use a chat support line on his end to ask them every question I ask him! When it's all said and done, he tells me I have to pay for "Advanced Tech Support"! WTF! Your service doesn't work! Why would I pay you to fix it?? This is the worst company in regards to customer service I've seen in a very long time. It must be extremely profitable to sell goods and services with no back end for support. I can't everything they do is legal.

Sick of Verizon after 2 months - Verizon H8er ID: BF1624

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07/19/12 | 15:11PM
If the problem is the in the Verizon plant or equipment they shouldn't be charging for service of anykind.

1)Verify your equipment/wiring is ok before calling Verizon

2)When you do call Verizon note the time and who you talked to even if it's someone's first name or tech number. Try to get a trouble ticket number of somekind

3)If their promised fixed time is unreasonable or they fail to fix it ask to speak to a supervisor. Give them one last oppurtunity to repair the problem AND give you credit for time out of service.

4) If no results write/inform the Better Business Beauru, State Utility Regulators and the Federal Communications Commission. Give them as many facts as possible including names,dates, times, ticket numbers and their response even if it's they fixed it.

5)And if for what ever reason they actually send you a survey answer it.

Shouldn't need a notebook or file for what should be routine business but it's Verizon landline/dsl were talking about.

Good Luck

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4714C5

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JasonEmorn - Verizon H8er ID: 1972BD

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