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07/17/12 | 22:27PM
Verizon DLS - Class Action Suit

Verizon DSL Customers:

Below is the link to the class action suit filed against Verizon in California. I attached at the bottom is the link to the filed copy of the suit. This will provide you with the outline and contact information of the Class Action suit against Verizon.


On this filed copy is the Law Firm that filed on behalf of these victims that were lied to by Verizon.

I called today to offer information to this firm on what I do know about Verizon neglect to their copper wires, and the falsification of what and how they provide their DSL Services to their customers.

Verizon passes their DSL Service trough burnt out copper lines. Verizon will send their technicians out to clean pairs, and often the technicians will report to management that the copper lines will not push the speed the customer’s request. There are technicians and managers that will request for these poor copper lines to be replaced, as will even go as far to write an order to be replaced. Verizon will deny the order in the engineering department, as there is not enough money to upkeep the copper lines, often called the “plant.”

Finally, someone one went after Verizon for LYING on their DSL Service. I challenge all Verizon copper line / DSL customers to contact this firm in California and ask them to help you find a firm or join in this class action lawsuit against Verizon.

It will not be hard to prove when this law firm deposes the management / technicians in the installation and maintenance and / or construction department that works on the DSL, to tell the truth about what they see in the field.

I will offer my knowledge of what I have witnessed as well.

Verizon has full knowledge of this country wide, so let’s ensure we make a stand, now.

This is the link to the law firm in California by the name of: DeBlase, Brown and Everly.

• Atty Patrick DeBlase
• Atty Michael Everly
• 310-575-9955


You pain for DSL Service and that Verizon had full knowledge of not providing do something about it. Just make a call!

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke

Neal W. Dias

Neal W. Dias - Verizon H8er ID: CD7371

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07/18/12 | 0:51AM
Ironically it was the internet bubble of the 1990s that partially led to the copper plant debacle or conditions we see today.

The 1990s already was seeing a 2nd line boom for the kids and small office like a fax machine or first generation dial up. This caught Verizon and other cry baby bells off guard in that they were already in attrition mode for copper wire plant and employees. The boom or 2nd line grew so fast in certain areas it was all Verizon or the old Bell Atlantic and Nynex could do to keep up with those orders/new connects. This ment a heavy work load. For the techs it frequently ment overtime but for management it was a statistical hurdle in that they had to show completed orders as soon as possible. This lead to the lack of repairs on assigned pairs of copper wire used for customer lines. Management frequently advocated the dropping or transferring of a customer from a bad line/ pair of copper wires rather than fixing it. This left alot of bad copper with the source of their troubleS NOT located or repaired.

As with any new technology the customers and techs were frequently ignorant to the facts like data transmission is more sensative than voice. Neither realized the importance of copper plant in near perfect condition. Unless it was an ISDN line alot of techs didn't even know what the customer was going to use their additional line for.

Point being the rush for additional lines stressed/maxed out old company plant. In some areas they actually halted the planned/scheduled replacement of old plant cancelling or delaying work orders for YEARS using those techs for repairs and new connects when they should've been placing and splicing new copper plant.

The mad dash/pressure to complete new connect service orders created ALOT of bad habits including the practice of just transferring a defective customer line to a spare unused untroubled one. Many techs, especially the newer ones never learned how to trouble shoot and management got used to having orders completed with in a few hours instead of the better part of a day trouble shooting & conditioning a customer line for data usage. There were techs who didn't bother with simple things like the proper grounding of plant & equipment because they were not only lazy but ignorant to it's importance.

It wasn't until DSL around the new millenium that Verizon and others realized the importance of good copper plant and additional training. Verizon lost a golden oppurtunity to not only have a lower maintenance copper plant but also blew major selling oppurtunities by not properly training their techs during the first internet boom of the 90s. If for no other reason to sell: the public face of Verizon/Bell Atlantic the techs and customer service reps should've been much better trained on computers,the internet and the associated required plant.

The damage was already done by 2000, long before this lawsuit. The "standards" were set ie go find a spare line, don't spend time fixing the old one. The shenanigans of the internet bubble years in combination with the internal politics, union battles and a company set on downsizing DSL/ broadband never really stood a chance at Verizon. To me it is the upper management of that era that should be hungout to dry for this debacle.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4A6DF7

07/18/12 | 14:16PM
11 years, over a decade later Verizon still doesn't have it right.


This was a suit from Jan 2001. A full decade to get their act together and just fix existing copper plant for DSL. Why did they hang in so long? If you can't deliver then simply don't promise or sell squat.

This goes to show just how bad the copper plant was neglected since divestiture. Yes there large parts of the copper network that need replacement but there are many parts that simply needed repair or a replacement of some individual spans of cable a couple of hundred feet long. This IS poor maintenance. Wether it's training, experience, lazyness or money it's still POOR maintenance.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 4A6DF7

05/12/19 | 21:52PM
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christinerw1 - Verizon H8er ID: 0C76EE

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