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07/19/12 | 3:39AM


Neal W. Dias - Verizon H8er ID: 3D4F71

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07/19/12 | 14:26PM
This is classic cry baby bell practice. The old Bell Atlantic was notorious for this. The distribution of w ork assignments and training is where the CWA/IBEW have failed miserably because it leads to stuff like this. This is why the CWA/IBEW should've worried more about unionizing the trade rather than the employees at one company.

Some supervisors would actually authorize the distribution of 2-3 of the same tool and yet this tech can't get one tool? But supervisors in particular have used job assignments for power & discipline for decades. They also want their "go to" techs on certain jobs because they are quick but not necessarily thorough. These are the techs that wind up injured half the time, throw out the safety & quality handbooks racing around like a chicken until they were on overtime. So called 'job involvement' overtime was a biggie, a late trouble ticket comes in one hour before quit time and the forman would physically dispatch a job to their favorites where as it should've been treated as routine work meaning who ever the computer gave it to got it.

This is par for the course at a Verizon garage. These internal struggles are half the reason why service quality sucks.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DE6183

07/21/12 | 18:18PM
Service quality SUCKS because they are cry baby union slugs. I wouldn't let any one of them touch my phone line. OH that's right they can't because I don't have stinkin' Verizon and NEVER will. I have Comcast and MUCH MUCH better service quality.

I know because i'm a retired tech and I've seen a lot of LAZY union slugs in over 20 years with the company. Useless.

Former Vz Tech retired - Verizon H8er ID: C3DFD1

07/21/12 | 19:13PM
There is alot of lazyness. But it took management to enable that lazyness. Most forman are lazy not wanting to train or equip all of their techs instead picking and chosing their 'go to' techs.

Part of this problem originated after divestiture in 1984 with the formen not wanting to train promotees or new hires in the tech fields instead copping an attitude relying on a company school and Darwin for a "trained" tech. This is where the forman discovered they could use training for power and discipline along with job assignments because it was no longer one big happy family or MONOPOLY. Alot of experienced union member techs were not much better fearing like a big fat kiddy cat for their jobs although since a union is based on seniority I'm still trying figure out their kiddy cat fears. But the CWA/IBEW not being a true trade union boxed themselves into a corner or one company.

I agree, go with a competitor like Comcast and eliminate Verizon from your life.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: DE6183

01/28/13 | 14:37PM
You can't be a verizon retiree because you don't know how to spell. Sorry but there is an entry test that you couldn't have possibly passed. The phrase is "job continuity" and foreman or foremen is always spelled with an e. Maybe you're a Comcast employee.

Tom - Verizon H8er ID: 2B02DB

05/03/19 | 1:45AM
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rosarioiv2 - Verizon H8er ID: 0724AD

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AngelessaGer - Verizon H8er ID: 66DB80

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