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07/21/12 | 15:03PM
are YOU a ward of the state?

Went to a Verizon retail store, laid out hundreds of dollars in CASH (no, it was not counterfeit), tried to pay them CASH IN ADVANCE for TWO YEARS for their home phone connect. They refused. Why? Unless you present some sort of state-issued ID, they will NOT allow you to become a customer.

EVERYtime I confront their corporate office in New Jersey (908-559-5490 ask for Richard Kreuger) they cannot offer ONE logical explanation why this is required. None. Call them, ask them if YOU are a ward of the state.

Mark Walker - Verizon H8er ID: AF9D3B

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07/21/12 | 16:18PM
They're probably treating it as a standard connect in which case most utilities run a credit check and get ID information to make sure you are the one who is making/authorizing changes or requesting repairs in the future although this is a basic service.

Since it's basically a permanently placed cellphone it might pay to check out no contract cell phones from other carriers.

Verizon will say because of big brother security concerns they need to collect information for the government data mining data base. They already allow and make fiber wire tapping available to the government by law. Why not collect a little information for them.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 97E5E1

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