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07/22/12 | 4:54AM
Verizon - Bullying Protection for all the CWA / IBEW Members

Verizon - Bullying Protection for all the CWA / IBEW Members


Communication Workers of America
President Larry Cohen
501 3rd Street
NW, Washington, DC 20001
Phone (202) 434-1100


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, AFL-CIO, CLC
IBEW / President Edwin Hill

900 Seventh Street,

N.W. Washington DC 20001

Telephone: 202-833-7000

CC: AFL-CIO President Richard L. Trumka

Ref: Verizon - Bullying Protection for all your Members

Dear: President Edwin Hill & President Larry Cohen,

My name is Neal W. Dias from Swansea Massachusetts, and I am a former employee of Verizon Communication. I was a union member in local 2323 out of Providence Rhode Island then decided to transition into management for more personal opportunities for my family and I. Whether or not it was a good or bad choice is irrelevant at this moment. What is important now, is what I had witnessed, discovered and how I can help all your members, is something that you both should be concerned with.

I will be upfront with you, it is personal. Verizon is the direct result for my family’s emotional and financial devastation. One year ago, I vowed (face-to-face) to expose Verizon for what they did to me and my family. I am keeping my promise to them. I loved what I did more than you could ever imagine. It was my life, and I knew I would be at Verizon, loving what I did forever.

You may or may not have already heard my story but what happened to me, as time went on was wrong but I guess in the end, my struggle will help so many. Instead of me getting into great details, as it is lengthy I will post a few links to my story, press conferences and etc, for you to view at your convenience.

I am writing you today as we share a common goal, and it is “Justice at Verizon.” I know personally about the workplace environment within Verizon. So I know what I am about to share with you, will work and benefit all your employees.

I started my journey for justice in February of 2004, twelve years ago. Since October 2011, when I decided to post my story of the injustice that took place at Verizon to me, and the injustice I still seek externally, so much has happened. I have been given a blessing from God in a weird way, and that is I am now a direct contact for your members and others within the boundaries of this country when it is in relation to workplace bullying. People have reached out to me, opened their hearts and pain for me to view. Others offered emotional support, and shared their personal grief as it has been something I never thought would happen.

Since October of 2011, I have heard hundreds to thousands of people sharing their life stories and experiences with me. They are about the abusive work environments that they have had to endure, that varied. They are from different ages, colors and religious backgrounds. They are from all over the country. They are from Verizon Wireless and Verizon Communication (wire line). I am 46 years of age, and never in my entire life have I heard of so many people go from loving to hating a company that they have worked or work for.

Recently, I have met with some union members face-to-face in New Jersey. I choose New Jersey as I have seen on my bar graph and blog that this possibly is the main area with so many issues. I met with them to showcase my idea to help your members, regain equal justice when needed. Within days of our meeting, three out of five of them were terminated from Verizon. The other two could not be touched, as I cannot discuss the reason right now. These five members are courageous men, who love their jobs but just want to change the abusive behaviors, not only at Verizon but with other companies as well. As I shared with them my strategy, they felt it was the best idea you need to combat this ongoing and historical violence at Verizon.

Understand this, as you already know Verizon does not care about your members, as they are just a replaceable number. Verizon allows and fully supports abusive treatment to your members each day. This statement below sheds the support and ignorance of Verizon about their managers.

My case falls under a discrimination claim, which indeed was racial and discriminatory, so Verizon counter punched with a statement that they think will deny me of justice. Verizon wanted to ensure that their managers were not convicted of racism, or discrimination against me, so they simply altered their testimony and (in their mind) downplayed the issues to just “Bullying,” which I find very ignorant of Verizon. I have proof to state otherwise and deposition to prove that indeed Mr. Malcome Benvie and Ms. Anne Best were also racist. But here below is the magnitude, support and the full knowledge of what Verizon knows they do condone.

Verizon responded on an official document from a state / federal investigation, on my investigation that was performed by The Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination / Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on my complaint of discrimination, harassment and retaliation in May of 2007, as they stated: “The investigation yielded that Benvie had a reputation of being a bully and an equal opportunity offender. Race was not an issue with Benvie’s condescending and obnoxious behavior and inappropriate comments to almost everyone that he comes in contact with. McGovern (an EEO Officer in Boston Massachusetts for Verizon) had substantiated complaints from Caucasian technicians concerning Benvie’s offensive management style. Best, simply had a foul mouth and did not differentiate between anyone with the manner in which she spoke.

Verizon allowed these long term historical managers to abuse Verizon employees both management and union. Your IBEW members in the Southeast Massachusetts area have complained for years about these managers, and they never were fired or disciplined for their intentional infliction of pain and harassment to your members. Verizon was fully aware of this abusive treatment and never stopped it! These two managers that I have spoken about were very bad managers. As bad as they treated the Caucasian employees and managers, they treated the minority’s worse. They were complete racist, and Verizon downplayed it only because it was against the LAW. Verizon supported them, encouraged them and allowed them to continue to work at Verizon even after this report came out, and many others have surfaced throughout their careers. In fact, Verizon would publicly honor and reward them for their abusive treatment towards technicians. Verizon would express to managers that they needed me to be like them.

These two are not the only Verizon managers that Verizon had full knowledge of bullying, racism and discriminating against their employees. They have knowledge of many all over the country as they train them to be great at covering themselves. I was often advised by my AOMs that in order to prove myself as a manager, I needed to suspend or fire more technicians.

I have been fighting Verizon for twelve years now, and understand some very important things. I now know the importance of evidence and documentation. I also understand how Verizon beats the union in grievances, suspensions and terminations. I also understand how evil and vindictive Verizon is and how they “will lie and withhold evidence with malicious intent.” They will interfere with and alter investigations to help and protect their own, and cover up many things.

I have been a witness to meetings, where Verizon would gather and develop strategies to target and build cases against your members. I was sick to my stomach when I was sitting in a room of so-called professionals in a fortune 500 company being instructed on how to harm and destroy the lives of other Verizon employees.

With all due respect, Verizon has an advantage over the union and has had the advantage over all your members for years. As time has progressed, the union is loosing ground with Verizon and I can see that – IT IS VERY OBVIOUS. They are letting go of more and more of your employees, trying to reduce their numbers while trying to place fear into their lives so Verizon can emotionally control them. They have been forcing your members to fight them in the legal venue, knowing very few law forms across the country can make a stand against them. Verizon is transferring cases into the federal courts, using their reasoning as to they are a diversified company. Verizon has full knowledge (like many attorneys have expressed) that in Federal court, decisions favor the companies, they use the Federal courts to their advantage as attorneys have stated. What the union has been doing for years in reference to fighting for your members must now change. The old ways do not work and it is time to progress with the technology. With the use of technology will come more justice and peace of mind for your members?

So please read on and give me time to explain my idea.

When your members are in a grievance, suspension and termination Verizon are fully prepared to win at all costs, and resort to lying. I recently caught Verizon in a many statements in depositions that some state and federal agencies are awaiting criminal punishment upon these managers for perjuring themselves. This is based on my case, as if it goes forward, and punishment is rendered

Most recently I caught Verizon’s EEO Officer Mr. Paul McGovern once again perjuring himself in testimony given to the Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination and in Federal Depositions.

It was not until Mr. McGovern’s federal depositions in the spring of 2011 (6 years later) that I had found out the truth of what happened back in 2005 with my internal EEO investigation.

After seven months of my Equal Employment Opportunity complaint being opened with Verizon in February of 2005, Mr. Paul McGovern closed it out in October of 2005. Verizon’s EEO Officer Mr. Paul McGovern admitted in 2011 that he had closed out my Equal Employment Opportunity complaint and stated there were no findings to support my claim of any Equal Employment Opportunity violations or of any Verizon Code of Business Conduct violations. Mr. McGovern during the depositions admitted that he never interviewed the two Verizon management employees in Brockton Massachusetts (Mr. Malcome Benvie and Ms. Anne Best), that I claimed were making racial comments and harassing me because I was a minority.

I now had the proof I needed to present to the Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination, that they were taken advantage of by “Verizon, and that Verizon EEO Officer Mr. Paul McGovern,” lied to them, and justice was denied because of false response statements in 2007.

On June 20, 2012 I notified the “Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick, the Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, Massachusetts EEOC Director Robert L. Sanders, Massachusetts Bristol County District Attorney Samuel Sutter, EEOC District office in New York Director Kevin J. Berry, U.S. Attorney General Erik H. Holder Jr., and U.S. EEOC Atty. Mindy Weinstein.” I am requesting an additional investigation into Verizon for tampering with evidence and the Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination office in Massachusetts for not holding Verizon or any company accountable for perjury.

But think about this, without any documentation at hand, I do not know how many other times Verizon has lied, tampered with evidence or perpetrated other criminal acts. Can you imagine the undetermined amount of people that were denied justice at the Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination office? The Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination failed and allowed companies to dictate the outcomes of cases, allowed companies to lie to them and not be held accountable and control the investigations.

My point is this! You can in the future prevent crimes from happening to your members, as I will soon explain. It will be in your hands, under your control and during your Presidency.

So each day your employees are doomed, each day they enter those company doors at the start of the business day.

To share with you my personal experience at the Federal Level of a civil lawsuit against Verizon. In July of 2011, the Attorneys from Edwards, Angell, Palmer and Dodge (who represent Verizon) and make the decisions for Verizon advised me to my face that: I will never see justice, as Verizon has endless resources, and even if I ever win in court, (which they highly doubt because of the new judge that is assigned to my case, will never allow this case to go to trial, because this judge does not favor discrimination and wrongful termination cases), they will tie me up in court with appeals, so I will never see a dime or receive justice!

This comment was appalling, but reality.

Inside the walls of Verizon, the CWA / IBEW have even less of a chance for justice than you can ever imagine. You are playing in their court, with their rules. So it’s time to use their policies and procedures to help your members against intentional workplace bullying, targeting racism, discrimination and harassment.

I cannot imagine the amount of money both the IBEW / CWA has spent, and continues to spend on fighting for each and every member of your local’s, overtime against this ruthless company. But now I have a solution that will help every member that you both represent. Not only within Verizon, but throughout all the companies you both represent.

I first wanted to let you know this, not all managers are bad. There are so many great Verizon managers that really want to be a manager and manage people. They truly want to treat your members well, but they are in fear of their own lives and careers. They are threatened and bullied as well and asked to do illegal things, that when caught they are standing alone. They cannot and will not stand up for themselves. They have been forced to not manager people but to dictate utilizing fear, abuse and intimidation as the primary means to get their productivity numbers and keep their positions. The abuse does come from the top down, as your members as well as so many 1st level mangers pay the ultimate price. This conduct in no way justifies treating anyone one poorly. This does not mean it is an excusable situation, but so many are in fear each day to do the right thing. Good managers like me are then targeted for dismissal when we make a stand for equality and justice.

Today, I will offer you something that will help to suppress and minimize the bullying, racism, discrimination, harassment and retaliation with Verizon. I wish that I could say stop these crimes, but that is an impossible task for anyone. In fact, you both have the power to change many mores lives within Verizon than you can imagine. You have the power to also improve the health of many members. You have this power and opportunity because you oversee other companies and members as well so you can help them in the process.

My ultimate goal is to not only help Verizon employees in my journey, but to bring this abusive workplace environment to a minimal within other companies as well. Overtime we can do this! I have been in the process of establishing a national organization called: “Enough is Enough – Stop Workplace Bullying.”

Recently I have heard stories about the managers like Director Mr. Eric Sheehan that has moved from Massachusetts to New Jersey and is still creating havoc to your members? I only know of this because of my story being posted online and building a relationship with your members. Mr. Sheehan was spoken about in the “Boston Globe on November 17, 2008. There were over 240 comments in just a short period of time, and Verizon pulled strings to wipe out the comments to the article. It just so happens that I cut and pasted the comments: http://justicefor7.wordpress.com/category/conspiracy/.
Still this person is trying to make a name for himself. Director Eric Sheehan is the son of the “Head Verizon Corporate Security” organization in New England for Verizon, a Mr. Joseph Sheehan. He is an untouchable manager as well. My point is you have no idea of each manager or their trail of poor behaviors unless you have data and a tracking record as well, like Verizon has.

How about the managers that have been moved from local to local, state to state and garage to garage? These bad managers are relocated and you know nothing about it.
The unions have no tracking system to record the movement of these bad managers, so as Verizon moves managers around they continue to build cases against your members, making your members look bad, but nothing was tracked on them. Your members are stationary, managers are not.

I am Catholic and attend church regularly, I was taught to be honest and tell the truth. The Catholic Priests were able to abuse many children because they were being moved from location to location and no one knew (but their Catholic bosses and possibly the Pope) how bad they really were, until it was too late. The World witnessed a conspiracy that was beyond understanding. People knew about the abuse, but power and connections to protect their own superseded their moral character.

Verizon had locked down the media all over the world, as they pay for their right to silence their victims. They pay big money for sponsorship and donation in every spot light on earth. No major newspaper, radio station, or television will take on this story as it will affect their revenue. They pay to get high rankings, protection and silence with the NAACP, Diversity Inc Magazine, Woman’s magazines, Gay and Lesbian Magazines, the Disabled, justice departments and every world wide newspaper and other magazines, but yet discriminate against, harass, and retaliate each and every class. Verizon accepts abusive and unacceptable treatment of their employees and will spend millions on anti-bullying sites and conferences, including hosting an anti-bully site on-line link, and yet treat employees like pieces of shit. It is all about smoke screens, and you do not have the endless connection, or resource to beat them in the media, so to expose them you have to do it in a way that you can afford, and act on.

I know this because I personally have contacted over 300 world wide media, entities, and nothing was done. No one wanted to pick up my story, because they will not risk feeding their pockets.

My story is true, and it is sad what a company can do to a person, and family. They can get away with lying, and prevent people from receiving justice. If in fact, any of the media was not receiving any money from the perpetrating company, it would be a world wide take down of Verizon, but were against a World Wide well connected Communication Company.

This is the same thing about Verizon. Verizon and their bosses know of these bullying and racist managers from each and every district, but are protecting them, as they protect their own. This is a sure example of when I was protecting your members from abuse, and was advised that I never left my union card are the door. It was not about union or management, it was about a single goal as one company, but I never knew there were such a separation and a division of employees and managers. This abuse is well known all the way up to the CEO Lowell McAdam and the Former CEO Ivan Seidenberg. I asked him for help and he never responded. He left me hanging to fend for myself.

I hope you can see where I am going with this?

Verizon had locked down the media all over the world, as they pay for their right to silence their victims. They pay big money for sponsorship and donation in every spot light on earth. No ma

Neal W. Dias - Verizon H8er ID: FA3C48

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09/28/12 | 2:40AM
Great insight...just read this story too late Sheehans' dirty work is being done as we speak right now by lower management all over N J ! I know of at least 10 suspensions in the fiber migration work group. Daily disparaging treatment on a daily basis to those still working is fueling (if it's even possible) further resentment to this company.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 0F8914

10/23/12 | 22:51PM
VZ's stock is doing great! If that is what it takes ie: workforce bullying, keep it up. Greed is good! Keep up with the suspensions, firings and cracking the whip !

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 480B03

02/25/19 | 3:56AM
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Jeacarp - Verizon H8er ID: 85877B

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