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07/23/12 | 19:54PM
Hidden Fee

So I go into a Verizon agent a nd get a phone upgrade for my son. I pay out of pocket $150 and still have yet to recieve my $50 rebate. Now I find out that there is a $30 upgrade fee on my bill. Called customer service they admitting there is problem with their agents not letting consumers know this but their was nothing they could do. I disputed with them and they told me that I should have looked at their website prior to upgrading my phone. At that point I said that I bought the phone for one your agents and not your f***** website.

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08/15/12 | 3:03AM
I also got scammed on two $50 rebates from Verizon. The changed my address and supposedly sent it to a nonexistent address in another part of the state.

As per the Verizon way, I spent many hours talking to countless reps to get it straightedge out. I took about 6 months but I did get the rebates.

Use caution, they are crafty like that.

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12/24/18 | 2:40AM
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12/25/18 | 1:54AM
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12/25/18 | 3:01AM
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12/25/18 | 3:34AM
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12/25/18 | 4:08AM
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12/25/18 | 4:41AM
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12/25/18 | 5:49AM
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12/25/18 | 6:59AM
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12/25/18 | 7:30AM
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12/25/18 | 8:07AM
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12/25/18 | 9:16AM
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12/25/18 | 9:47AM
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12/25/18 | 10:26AM
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12/25/18 | 14:35PM
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12/25/18 | 16:05PM
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12/26/18 | 0:04AM
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12/26/18 | 5:23AM
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