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08/01/12 | 5:39AM
Verizon employees being over worked and getting carpel tunnel

Verizon is over working there California telecom dept that more than Half the office has work place injuries an causing customers orders to be half done because they are rushing to finish orders to meet adherence policys

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D2B1E0

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08/03/12 | 4:44AM
Co technicians, framers, switchman? Old style frame? Swapping boards? Reps typing in new customer orders? Where exactly are the problem injuries?

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 111A44

08/03/12 | 11:27AM
There are countless VZ building with marginally maintained HVAC and heating systems. Mold has become an issue in spaces closed to reduce operating costs. Folks, these problems go on and on throughout the footprint. I wish some govt organization could link office respiratory illnesses at VZ to "sick building syndrome" with required action items. Not one single govt group would attempt to tackle VZ.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D87217

08/03/12 | 12:40PM
If there are any union members working there inform the union first. Also ask anyone else leasing or renting in those building if they are having problems.

Building safety or issues might fall under local code enforcement so the local building inspectors might have to be called in. You could call OSHA but unless there are fatalities or mass illness involved it will take them awhile to get out there.

You have to get the problems or issues documented so it might pay for the union to call in a consultant. Anyone who works in those buildings are exposed to those conditions so it would pay to get management on your side and have them request an inspection.

Also if you notice valid highly visable issues document them by requesting repairs through the normal/formal process even if it's a 1800 number. Keep any information they give you including ticket numbers for future reference.

First get the issues documented including precise locations with in the building, you just can't say there's mold here. Some people wether they are playing dumb or not need a road map. Then you have a list you can take to various agencies.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: 111A44

08/07/12 | 13:45PM
Thanks for the info we have reported multiple problems they just don't care the only dept we haven't tried yet is OSHA so thanks for the info they will be getting an earful from abt 8 of us today with the same injuries

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: A90C81

09/07/12 | 19:33PM
I know exactly which Pomona, California office your talking about and as a former employee I can tell everyone that those managers in that office don't give a shit about anyone. Their all trying to get their brownie stripes by blackballing any employees that have disabilities and can't always come to work. That office is infested with anxiety, depression, carpal tunnel, low moral and slip and falls on their slippery metal tip steps that were designed for work boots since this office is located inside of a central office. All these fake ass managers think of is meeting numbers, adherence, talk time and let's not forget MONEY!!!!!!!!! 70% of this office does have carpal tunnel and no one gives a flying fuck until you start missing too much work and then they all conspire to get rid of you. Majority of the people in this office go missing for months at a time and the ones who come with disabilities are being over worked, harassed and mistreated even though they have job restrictions on their files. Everyone needs to band together and get another class action lawsuit going. There's nothing worse than working for ugly, old ass, crotchety, bitter ass management bitches that have no life left in them. So business customers if you think your getting bad customer service now, TRUST ME, its gonna get worse. Verizon (particularly this office) is policing the office and suspending or firing people as a whack ass way to control their employees which NEVER effectively works and can be very ILLEGAL. This treatment is then reflected on you, the valued customer, because of the very LOW office moral. Can u believe the managers actually harass their employee's by disciplining them for helping a customer for too long, issuing warranted credits for Verizon billing errors, and not over selling to customers. They do this just so they can protect their jobs since they are at will and not under union contract. This office is being ran ass backwards and for some reason the management thinks the reps work for them but in reality they work for the front line reps who bring in, retain and make Verizon money. There is a manager there who was a union steward one month, fighting against and talking big shit about the other managers, and then became a manager the next month and now conspires and fights against the union employees she once vowed to protect. How RATCHET AND TACKY is that!!!!!!!! I could write a bad novel about the bullshit that goes on in this Verizon Business Sales Center (BSC) and it would probably be a top seller since half of the world unanimously hates Verizon.

WITH NO VASELINE - Verizon H8er ID: 3ED57A

09/07/12 | 20:43PM
FYI customers: Verizon creates irrate customers just to drive calls back into their sales channel so their reps can try and be the heros and then "magically" make a sale appear out of their asses off of you. BUT IT HARDLY EVER WORKS!!!!!!!

Oh and by the way Beth none of your employees have "THE PASSION" to deceive and manipulate customers for a sale. Your so-called passion is to keep your job by pretending to care and telling your boss and bosses boss what they want to hear. Lying creates wrinkles, shrinkage and foul odors and all of us reps know that your old, short and full of SSSSHHHHIIITTT.

KEEPING IT REAL - Verizon H8er ID: 3ED57A

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