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08/06/12 | 21:20PM
Enhanced Maintenance I didn.t ask for

So,after years of auto pay or the wife paying the bill I see charges for enhanced maintenance.Never requested this,even turned off years ago when I noticed it on a bill.This isn,t some third party scum hoping I won,t read my bill.Any chance of getting a refund?

jim - Verizon H8er ID: 99C5C8

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08/07/12 | 5:57AM
Verizon's or the inside wire maintenance plans for the old Bell Atlantic, Nynex or GTE were relatively cheap until the mid 90s. If you decided to get it back then you probably didn't even think about it.

The cry baby bells have been bilking unnecessary charges out of their customers for decades. One of the most popular but not necessary was the phone rental, a throw back to the old ma bell days. After the break up of 84 phones dropped in price to the point where you the customer could buy a new phone cheaper than renting it. But too many customers never realized they could even buy their own phone. Seniors get hid hard on this one. Socialist indoctrination by the old ma bell/ATT.

Same for the maintenance plans even with the newer tech. Most people don't realize they can buy their own modems cheaper than renting for a couple of years. Or that they or an electrician or repair tech/company of their choice can work on inside customer wiring and/or trouble shoot customer equipment and problems.

This is why there is the fuss over things like century old taxes on the phone bill.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D7AFC2

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