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08/08/12 | 22:20PM
VZ Attys think pro bono for dis folks & animals "a little hobby"

I am an attorney married to a disabled former VZ employee. I became an attorney to pay my bills AND help underdogs, human and animal. The arrogant VZ atty stated, during a deposition, that he looked me up on LinkedIn. In short, my pro bono work is "a little hobby". How dare he...I wanted to smack him.
Now, thanks to VZ, I HAVE to work my butt off, and this case is sickening me, so the underdogs in my life (disabled husband and 4 rescue dogs)doesn't become homeless. What have THEY ever done for the good of society? I hate doing this but...I practice in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY so if you want an attorney who not only knows the law, works in a firm around 55 years AND has a heart, the heart to take your case all the way, please consider me.

Carol Ryder - Verizon H8er ID: 33CFF9

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06/09/18 | 6:49AM
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KevinIrome - Verizon H8er ID: FB0A10

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