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08/22/12 | 17:42PM
Stealing My Money

1). We had a business account with Verizon. Somehow, packages and charges were added out of nowhere. We were not even refunded for additional charges.
2). I had a residential package a while back with Fios TV and Internet. After 2 months, other random packages had been added to my account. Verizon's way of fixing the issue was to give me $5.00 off per month for 12 months...
3). I cancelled my Fios TV package because the customer service was terrible. They told me that I had to keep someone from the package or I would have to pay something ridiculous like $200.00 just to get out. I CANCELLED because they had already added the random packages onto my account. I then had to keep internet in order to keep from paying the fees. Since then, Verizon has overcharged me every month. They even charged me TWICE in one month, and have insisted that the charge was supposed to be for the following month. I double checked my account...every month has been paid, there are 2 charges for the overpaid month, and then the following month went back to regular payments. I have tried countlessly to get the charge refunded, but the customer service reps just play dumb and try to explain it away saying "we bill for the upcoming month....". Duh!!! They always play dumb. So sick of it...but I'm stuck in their stupid contract!!!

Kristin - Verizon H8er ID: 58992C

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12/25/18 | 3:57AM

Orizoro - Verizon H8er ID: 2DBF19

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