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08/26/12 | 20:05PM
Lied to

I spoke with this guy, they said his name was Craig when I called and called. My land line was like the grandfather plan of all, I had dsl. By the time he got finished, months later and the promos etc. was to be paying more than twice what I was paying. I told him if this plan is $1.00 more than what I am paying now, I do not want it. He said, oh no it will not be. Lied like a dog. I hate verizon and have spoke with the retention service several times. We will diconnect this crap if this does not get straighted out. They just pull a price out of thin air that is lower than what you are billed, but more than you were paying. Does that sound familiar. Just stop people and get pay as you go phones, do anything you have to, but free yourself of these buzzards. They all lie and promise this and that. We will do tatally without before we will keep putting up with it. What are people going to do anyway, when there is a blackout. Everyone is going to be walking around in withdrawal trying to call and text. There will be NO way then and you can bet its coming. Faster than we think, so you better get use to it. Some of the money people are paying on here makes mine look like nothing, I would NEVER pay that in the first place. If you continue with them, then you are as stupid as they think you are!!! GET RID OF THEM! SIMPLE!

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: FEA0F9

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08/28/12 | 15:45PM
Sounds like a Verizon Wireless Store Employee who say things like try this phone/plan for FREE and yet if you cancel/return phone see all the charges yet... you can 'try it for free'. Lucky I read the fine print of the CONTRACT Verizon abide by.

Anonymous - Verizon H8er ID: D51EC0

05/06/19 | 15:59PM
RW15 38. (900.) MIFARE 1K ( RFID Mifare S50) 9. (7000.) 8 917 715 99 60. , .

JamesSoago - Verizon H8er ID: 782088

05/17/19 | 19:10PM
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wildanl18 - Verizon H8er ID: 842D6B

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